The latest version of 1.17 bungeecord shows that the user name contains invalid character cannot ent

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  1. 今天更新发现的问题以前不是这样的,想知道怎么弄:哭::哭:
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    What username does this occur with? It should only block usernames with spaces in them as they aren't valid ones and would cause tons of issues.

    Also it's suggested to write in English ;)
  3. Oh, I can't help it. I have geyser players here. They like space names. Is there any way to close this?
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    Geyser should have an option to translate those names to valid ones. If not then contact Geyser support.
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  6. 不,你不了解情况。我有很多空名字,因为以前的BC对空名字的玩家没有影响,但现在影响了。如果贸然改名,会造成很多玩家的数据丢失。我想知道是否有任何方法可以使空白名称可访问
  7. > I have geyser players here. They like space names.

    Sounds like we fixed this with our 1.17 update. We added in a fix to deliberately work around BungeeCord not allowing spaces in names (Floodgate would typically replace the space anyway after the check BungeeCord introduced).
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    Any good plugin will store player data by UUID not name (if they don't complain to them to update their stuff, UUIDs have been the standard for half a decade), so changing the name doesn't matter (same as if you would change the name of your Mojang account)
  9. Floodgate should have a check to replace all spaces with a - or a _ or a letter you configure.