The map was ruined for no reason.

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  1. Hello everyone, I've got the issue that was ruined my map for no reason.

    -- It isn't first time, I don't exactly know how it happen.

    It's happened like this about 4 times now. I tried to find the cause but still can't find it.

    There have 2 people(Include me) can access the server both are admin.

    VV Here is the picture VV
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  2. Is firetick enabled on the server? The fire on the left might have burned down the big tree.
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  3. Do you use any plugins? CoreProtect is a good way to roll it back
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  4. It was happened even a stone floor but the big tree ruined while i was restarting server, however after my server has restarted I didn't immediately join my server. Your solution isn't what i should look over I'll try it.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I'll take a look on it.