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  1. Hello everyone. I'm writing this post to ask for the limit perfromance of BungeeCord that I've been using Redis for a while as my number of players is limited that I think I don't have to use Redis to setup mutil-BungeeCord. And I'm wondering that how can I use all BungeeCord performance and the maximum of players that BungeeCord can hold. Below is my server specs:
    - OS: Windows Server 2012
    - CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2683
    - RAM: 32GB
    All below comments are appreciated. Thank you...
  2. I am looking to see your answers.
  3. I'd recommend, instead use WaterFall, instead of BungeeCord. What does it do? Helps with ping, connection, etc...
  4. Get away from Windows, it prevents some of the optimizations for BungeeCord.

    You should also be able to pack at least 1000 people on a single instance with less than 2GB of memory before needing multiple instances and Redis.
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  5. I agree, try using something different to run the server with.
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    You really should not be using windows server to run a network, I recommend Debian or Ubuntu, which will help. After that do some java-profiling and figure out which plugins are using the most resources.