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Feature packed. Towny and Factions support. Cross-server balance support. More features coming soon.

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    The New Economy - A feature-packed economy plugin.

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  2. Thanks! Please report any bugs you may encounter so I can quickly patch them. ^^
  3. Great! Can't wait to hear your feed back.
  4. Are you sure that it doesn't take the money when using /bank buy? It's currently working on my end. "Could you add a configurable amount to be in a players pocket" is the "Balance" configuration in config.yml, and the documentation for commands and permissions will be going up later today.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention /tne is seperate from /TheNewEconomy(bukkit's help for the plugin), but I'm probably going to rename it to prevent further confusion.
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  5. I think I figured out why it's not removing the money from your balance. There's a permission node(tne.bank.bypass) that lets you bypass the bank cost. If you're opped on the server then you'll automatically have that permission.
  6. Comes with mob rewards? :eek:
    I'm in!
    Will be testing it.
  7. Greatly appreciated! I need people to test it and inform me of any and all bugs. ^^
  8. Alpha 2.2 will be dropping shortly so if you find any bugs please report them, and I'll include them in the release. ^^
  9. A little more documentation would be nice. Like how to set up an NPC banker or a Bank sign? Testing this out, but not enough documentation to check it all.
  10. Yeah, the only issue I have is that Spigot doesn't let resource creators create multiple pages for a resource. That being said, I'm going to setup a wiki on my personal site for documentation sometime this week.
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  11. I typically just stick that stuff in a spoiler like so:
    So... Can you post a method for sign and NPC Banker setup here in the discussion or in a spoiler in the overview? Lol
  12. To use a bank NPC just right click a testificate named "Banker"(case insensitive), and for signs... http://i.imgur.com/rl3goTr.png
    I still need to make a wiki for my other projects so I'll slap TNE on it too x3 Also, at the time of creating the NPC banker feature I was unaware you couldn't use name tags on testificates so there is nothing protecting the naming of spawn eggs at this point, but I'm going to go ahead and patch that today or after work. I might change the way signs are handled to just having [bank] on the sign too...
  13. More documentation! Commands: https://creatorfromhell.com/wiki/TheNewEconomy/Commands/ and Permission Nodes: https://creatorfromhell.com/wiki/TheNewEconomy/Permissions/
  14. Yeah, I actually peaked at your code to figure out how those banks work. And you can only name a baby villager, so that does not work so well. And many other aspects will cause issues with those guys, like worldguard regions that do not allow mob spawns. Also the fact that they don't stay still, a roaming bank is kind of hard to find when you need it. I guess that's why mobile banking centers aren't a popular thing. lol.
  15. Yeah... I'm probably going to end up redoing NPC bankers to be less.... "mobile". :p I might do it for 2.2 since I'm cleaning up the code currently.
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  16. Support for Non Item based currency's seems limited. If a player can check their balance why cant an admin.
    Does not seem to be any config for Linking Multiworlds aka nether and End share a balance whist World and Minigames Share a balance.

    Company's seem Idiotic. In that all they do is create money from nothing. because players wont exploit that in under 10 seconds.

    Where is /money Take. for admins???? you added a give but not a take??? what if an admin typo's or a player has exploited a bug? with a virtual currency I cant just take items from him Maybe i could force him to pay an admin with something like /force <player> money pay RustyDagger 2000 But then im Stuck with 2000 cash to do something with.

    Major lack of admin lookup commands to track a players actions ( useful for where did my money go Questions )
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  17. I didn't even think about adding this, but it's now a planned feature.

    The company system isn't even in the plugin yet. I'm open to suggestions about where it should go, but I haven't added it/stated any specifics on how it'll turn out yet.

    This is already noted, and is already a future feature.
  18. For anyone interested, TNE now has a developer build link, which allows early access to future versions, but it's recommended that you backup any and all save data before using! Build location: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33109032/TNE.jar The file at this location will be constantly updated to stay in sync with the latest commits to the Github.
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