The problem after buying the premium resource.

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  1. At the beginning I would like to apologize if i writes in the wrong section .

    I turn to the team spigot for help.
    Today at 14:22 bought one of the premium resource , but I can still download it. Of course payment are successful and downloaded from my account 15,99 euro.

    Help someone with a problem ?
  2. Which Plugin did you buy?
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  4. i have had the same problem with the plugin: megaplots [safe command blocks] i bought it and it was successfull and i gave proof and the staff of spigot have done absolutely crap all about it
  5. Just refund on PayPal, select "I didn't recieve my product"
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  6. Just contact the author and he will give it
    No, that's not what you should do. Just contact the author with proof (email adress etc)
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  7. I did contact the author but they just didnt listen and said he donated it to some charity, he said dont buy it but i had already bought it, i should at least get my product
  8. I don't really believe your story..
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  9. You should only ever request a refund if you have exhausted every other option. Chargebacks are a bitch.
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  10. I have problem whit contact, im new on spigot and is anti spam protection. i must write 5 posts and wait 3 days ;/ only i can post in the forum...
    and here I am ;P

    i have this message :
    "pluginy, as part of new anti-spam measures, in order to be able to create private messages you must have 5 posts and an account of at least 3 days old. Within an hour of these criteria you will be able to create private messages."

    If author of plugin need some evidence :

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  11. I think you should get in contact with spigotmc ([email protected]) since they handle the resources' downloads.
  12. Sometimes there's a problem with the payment gateway. Don't get angry and just ask the developer kindly.
  13. I know that, but i must wait 3 days to write a private message, this a anti-spam quard for new users.