The Return of Withdraw Advanced!

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    Hello, SpigotMC, after a funny Discussion with @ryu today, we got talking. This talk mentioned the return of the infamous WithdrawAdvanced. Here is a little backstory to the Plugin if you have never heard of the plugin. Basically, it was a Very Popular Plugin on Spigot with over 3,000+ Downloads. This Plugin consisted of the Following (BankNotes, XP bottles, MCMMO Vouchers. This was based on the way Cosmic had it) Myself and Ryu have been discussing its return. I know right, exciting.

    We were wondering what you guys thought about this. Now, there are a few things we want to know, we want to ensure that we get it right and if he does end up re-releasing his Plugin, it would be at a fairly standard cost that everyone can afford. If WithdrawAdvanced Did Return, how much would you Pay for the Plugin? This is the Biggest thing we need to Discuss, price range. I was thinking around $5 myself but we want the community to decide so we aren't overpricing it and it pushes some of the members away. Obviously, it won't be free, if he did bring back the Plugin the support would be truly incredible along with the Updates he'd/we'd be pushing out. I am always on hand to give help to anyone that needs it on anything he currently has. But as I was saying, $5 seems great to me along with Feature Upgrades and possibly an API.

    What support would we get with this? As much as you require. We are here to ensure WithdrawAdvanced continues its workings. Ryu wants to re-release it to support you and help, he wants that criticism to strive further and push out more content within the Plugin itself whilst adding new Features along with update requests. We will be on hand to give 24/7 Support to whoever needs it, whenever they need it. There will be more about this on the SpigotMC Post later on throughout the Day. Have a nice Evening, please send us any questions you may have and any requests you may have. Thanks, Nooby, Ryu
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  2. I would like to see it on my 1.12 right now *sight*
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  3. Yes, we are aware of them plugins but within WithdrawAdvanced there will be MCMMO Credits again and all combined into 1 plugin, so much easier for your servers/networks
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  4. Id be willing to pay $5 for a plugin that can do /withdraw (about to download ryu's current /withdraw plugin) the MCMMO credits I wouldnt use and the XP part I would use ONLY if it were able to be set to where the player gets EXP bottles (like any regular EXP bottle) so this could be a true/false in the config if someone wants to use regular EXP bottles or use a single bottle. (hint for making it use regular bottles is make it so the amount of exp taken/given for an XP bottle is configurable)
  5. $5 is fine.
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  6. I think $5 dollars is a good price for the plugin you get
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  7. Why can't it be free? :c mcMMO used to be free now this plugin?
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  8. I'd be willing to pay $20 as many economy+ plugins aren't updated or aren't modern and fit the needs of my servers.
  9. I'd give all the support needed. :)
  10. The main reason this is becoming a premium plugin is because of all the hard work and Development that is being put into the client.

    Nice to hear, we have decided a price, between $5-10.

    Nice to hear, thanks.
  11. if someone want withdraw advanced sure i will give it to him just pm me lol
  12. I wouldn’t even recommend giving out that version with the amount of issues that there was with the final discontinued version of it.
  13. So is this still happening? I'm cool with $5 so long as it gets updated and support is there (discord support would be good too)

    Any release date in mind?
  14. This is happening and is being worked on as we are speaking. We also have a Discord for all other plugins too along with AMinecraftDev -
  15. If you read the actual plugin page you'll find out that it's still free.
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  16. Just an add-on to what Dienns is saying, our plugin is an MCMMO addon. It just adds vouchers to redeem/withdraw mCMMO.
  17. 2008Choco

    Junior Mod

    While maintaining a premium resource can be fun and keep you rather busy, there's a couple things you should consider:
    • I looked back at the previously deleted resource (which I deleted a while back upon request, funny enough), it didn't seem incredibly featureful. If it were to be published with its current featureset, I'm not so sure we would be willing to approve it. In essence, it's just a couple right click listeners to give you something (money, McMMO experience, etc.) which isn't all that innovative.
    • Premium resources shouldn't really be depending on other premium resources (McMMO), but because it's technically also free due to the license, I suppose it's an exception. Just figured I'd point this out
    • Open source your project to allow contributions from other people. I understand that some developers are afraid of open sourcing premium resources because people can compile it for themselves, but in reality, think about how much more beneficial it will be:
      • Your resource will never get leaked because you leaked it first. The poor, incredibly stupid person that decides to "leak" your resource can just be laughed at. lol. "leaking an open source project".
      • Developers will be able to interact with your project more easily (i.e. pull requests, code improvements & suggestions, interactive issue tickets, commit histories, etc.)
      • If you chose to implement an API, source will be available so developers can see what methods actually do under the hood
        • Additionally, developers could pull request their own API features they'd like to see implemented
      • You may lose one or two purchases here and there, but those are the same people that would not have purchased your resource in the first place. Don't even bother with them.
    TL;DR: Improve the feature-set before releasing because it seems basic in its current sate, and consider open sourcing your project.
  18. Just get banknote advanced and experience bottle from @ryu and get WithdrawMCMMO from @AMinecraftDev (And you made withdraw advanced)
  19. LOL .............................................................................................................. msg is too short

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