The Return of Withdraw Advanced!

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  1. please delete this my last 2 other comments they are stupid REMOVE THEM
  2. ryu


    Hello, thank you for your feedback and I currently have a set idea on what is going to be implemented in the newer version and I have a new config.yml with a lot of these features, but more will be added possibly before release. If you wouldn't mind me private messaging you and getting your feedback that'd be great.
  3. 2008Choco

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    I'm not sure private messaging me is required. Such that you give your resource a unique enough feature-set, you should be perfectly fine. Make it different from the others. That being said, also consider reading the Premium Resource Guidelines if you haven't already (because people seem to think they can publish resources without doing so first), as well as my guide on Beginner Programming Mistakes and Why You're Making Them to make sure your code is up to expected standard.
  4. ryu


    Alright, thank you and I can guarantee the return of withdraw advanced is going to be 10x more better then the original one and is going to have a ton more features/combustibility to it that a lot of other resources out there don't provide. Also, thank you for the suggestion with the open source part I really do like that idea.
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  5. We thank you for your advice, we have decided to take this on board. We will update this thread very shortly with what will be happening in the very near future.
  6. Strahan


    I've never heard of it, and your explanation doesn't really explain what it does. I think I got the gist though from looking at peoples' replies in the thread. "Infamous".. did the the original suck or something? Anyway, $5-10 sounds fair so long as it is a quality plugin.

    (...and why are you in love with random unnecessary capitalization? heh)
  7. The capitalization is just something with me. The plugin began to go downhill due to the Developer not having any time to work on fixing it, now I'm here I can work on it with him. The plugin will have an updated description very shortly, if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see within this plugin (cosmetics) wise. Let us know.
  8. Any idea how long? :)
  9. I haven't spoken to ryu in a few months due to exams nor heard of him. But rest assured, it's still in the air.

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