The secret lag of the dragon.

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  1. How big is Setaria and it's server?

    Setaria is a server that started a few years ago as an idea, but recently in a month became a Sandbox MMORGP with various concepts, mechanics, and idea's.

    It has about 120 plugins, running on an Intel I7 8 Core CPU with 3.60Ghz, 2GB DDR4 RAM, and 20GB SSD

    What's the issue here?

    It seems that a plugin is causing the nether and end to lag badly, and on unload, the server stops lagging almost period. The timings are here...

    Unloaded Nether and End worlds -

    Loaded Nether and End worlds -

    Timing V2 with worlds loaded, but without Escapelag:

    Running NO plugins:


    What have you tried and looked at?

    The things I looked at were... Entities, Tiles, Chunks, Response Time, Ticks, and more.

    But these are all being responded in 0ms from what I found. The TPS with all worlds loaded is 16 - 20, and just walking drops it. I've tried to see what plugins cause lag, but couldn't find anything lagging it. When I'm starting the server, my anti-lag plugin EscapeLag, tells me, "Main thread is being blocked!" right away when it loads. I also saw that apparently the Garbage Collector is running to fast, but I have it set to run only on a set interval. There was only 90 entities and me on the server 99% of the time. About 900 chunks are loaded or what React tells me for all the worlds when all worlds are loaded. (The memory is only used at 500MB, and this has been tested on a server with 16GB DDR4 RAM, and no improvements came)

    If anybody could help me, contact me on discord Shadowpauler#9973 or perhaps just reply here, anything really. Thank you for reading!
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  2. Tux


    Don't run the Java GC manually. Let Java decide when it should run. I suggest trying these GC flags as well.

    EscapeLag and React are just placebos. I'd just remove them. With proper tuning you do not need these plugins.
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  3. I just realized, all of my worlds, seem to be all preloaded or something.

    I cannot use flags on this host I'm using. The other host, AKA myself, I can, and I just tried that now, and it made it worse.
  4. Tux


    Can I see some new timings now (on your "other host", the one where you edit your GC flags)?
  5. Yes, indeed. One moment.
  6. electronicboy

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    Code (Text):

    EscapeLag v2.1.0-b505Total: 34.763 s Pct: 73.13%
    in the 47 seconds that your server spent ticking the main thread, EscapeLag was taking up 34 seconds of that.

    Timings v1 doesn't really give much info, but, G1 causing a performance impact is generally a sign that the system just isn't up to the demands as it doesn't have enough CPU resources, or that your memory allocation is potentially too small for your server
  7. I removed EscapeLag, and nearly half of my entire server plugins on a test, and it performed better, but still had massive lag and TPS below 20.
  8. Here is T2:

    Removed escapelag, but it still lags badly, and is below 20TPS still, on an Intel I7, SSD, and DDR4 RAM that's not doing anything else but hosting the server, with firefox and discord open. Fire shouldn't be causing that much lag, that bad, on a server.
  9. Tux


    In that particular run, your server seems to be operating normally (it's almost 20TPS). Please try running the server for longer and be active on it. Note that your TPS is going to take a hit since the client also demands resources as well.
  10. You don't understand though. A backup from a few days ago, and the server booted in 46 seconds, as well as had 20TPS, and responded in 5ms, with no unusual lag from the nether. But now, it boots in 80 second, has 13 - 19TPS, and has 40ms on the dedicated server compared to my PC which is 5ms. The only reason I'm not reverting back, is because I've done so much work and terraforming in the past few days.
  11. And like I said, unloading the Nether and End worlds, it drops from 20 - 800ms in response time, to 2 - 7ms in response time. They use 15% server load each, as the normal worlds only use 0.7%. That makes NO sense, especially since nobody has been in any of them.
  12. 120 plugins and multiple worlds on a machine with 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB for the Java heap? Of course you're going to have problems.
  13. Did you not read the bottom of the main post?
  14. If you still have only 1 GB allocated to the Java heap, you're still going to have problems. Your server needs 4 GB for the heap.
  15. Did you not see the other arguments I used earlier that the guy posted. Please read every thing ^-^
  16. I've tried disabling fire, and set random ticks to 1, but it's still causing all of the massive lag and TPS drops. I still don't understand how the end is affecting this all.
  17. > complains about lag
    > has 120 plugins (including nonsense such as React) and runs the GC manually

    Seriously, what did you expect?

    Here's an actual tip that will help you on the long run: Don't build an MMORPG with only public plugins.
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  18. Oh really? How can I host and play a modpack with 210 mods without lag? Does that make sense compared to Spigot? No.
  19. Make Delayscape open source once it is released xD, then he wont have these issues