The secret lag of the dragon.

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  1. Maybe you should have mentioned this tiny detail sooner.

    Looking at your thread again, the "main thread is being blocked" is quite a severe thing actually. Does it appear more often or only during startup? If the main thread is blocked (for example because of database activity) then the entire server freezes for a couple dozen or hundred milliseconds. If done enough times (or if you have a super slow db server for example) this can cause serious lag.
  2. Well thing is, even with 16 plugins, I get the message, and my TPS is mostly at 20. Please do read the timings, and details, on my thread post to see if you can figure out why. Funny thing is the fire is disabled in all those worlds, which makes no sense. I got down to 16 plugins, and I still have a CPU leak
  3. It looks like the garbage collector call for escape lag is causing most of the problem. Remove it and see if that improves performance.
  4. I removed all my plugins and there were minor performance improvements.

    Take a look at
  5. There also seems to be an issue with entities. Your nether or end worlds may have too many entities. Can you go around the maps and verify if there are any areas with a lot of entities?