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Would you recommend NodeCraft?

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  1. Hey, so I've been looking for a server host for some time now. I'm running a pvp sever server with 15-35 players. Here's what I'm looking for.
    - A custom control panel that is super easy to use (PLEASE do not show me hosts that use multicraft)
    - Really good hardware and network that will keep my server running without lagg
    - Dedicated support
    - No branding or hidden fees
    - Top notch ddos protection
    - No server overselling
    - Dedicated IP address
    - Colored console
    (btw price doesn't matter that much so don't recommend me cheap hosts)
  2. Just bumpin my own thread :l
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  3. How is NiTROPanel? Is is slow, buggy? How does it compare to other panels such as Multicraft or Pterodactyl?
  4. Why do you need a custom panel?
  5. £4/GB with default WHMCS theme that they couldn't change in the last 5 years..?
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  6. Currently I am using NodeCraft. Their servers have no lagg, their panel is the best of the best, but their prices are very high. I'm wondering if I should switch.
  7. They seem to be more focused on providing servers for all kinds of games and at least what I read from their site there's some kind of system to be able to change games in the middle of a billing period?

    That's probably where the extra costs come from, and from the specs at least the servers aren't as good as most of the more affordable MC only hosts. Check out this list for more affordable hosts. Most of them don't have custom panels though but I don't really understand why that matters at all, especially since MultiCraft and Pterodactyl both work fine for what they're designed to do
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  8. Multicraft is pretty easy to use... has pre-installed jars, auto-backups, and more. Pterodactyl is the second most popular one which has way less features.
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  9. I will not be using any host that uses Multicraft. Its slow and buggy and it ruins the whole experience. I may consider Pterodactyl, but I will not accept hosts that use Multicraft. thx
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  10. btw if deluxenode any good?
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  11. Sound SUPER COOL! Ill check it out man
  12. Why not use OVH? Get your own panel setup
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  13. I strongly recommend DeluxeNode. They are very good. :)
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  14. We do have one, we are just finishing it so we can make it public :p
  15. I don't recommend buying from a hosting company that has started out just as summer started and doesn't even have a website yet.
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