Solved The TNT wont damage blocks!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by limminyo, May 13, 2016.

  1. So I am trying to make a creative server, but the TNT wont break the blocks in the Plot World. Please help! If you know how to add a flag to all the plots in the world please tell me. The TNT breaks blocks in any other world!

    My plugins and their config:
  2. In the Plot World type: /region flag __global__ other-explosion allow
  3. Already did that, it is a thing with PlotSquared.
  4. Go to Essentials folder and then to config.yml
    Press CTRL + F to open the word finder. In word finder write: tnt
    Then click on Find Next button. There are some settings like "tnt-explosion" that they are set to false.
    Try to set them to true and test the explosion if breaks the blocks.
  5. Tried true and false! It only does not work in the PLOTS, it works every where else!
  6. Did you check your plot plugin config to see if there is an option that is disabling tnt?
  7. There are flags that can be added, but if I run the command in-game it only adds it to that plot. That command does work and lets tnt break blocks, but I want it for all plots. In the settings.yml of the plugin, there is a part which says flags, but I have not been able to find out the syntax or how I am supposed to add it, I have searched possibly everywhere!
    Scroll down to the default flags section, that should explain how to add default flags.
  9. I tried it like 5 times by typing, it din't work (it was me being stupid) then I copy pasted the same thing from the site and changed the "use" into "explosion: true" and it worked thanks!