The ultimate lag storm (Without Plugins)

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  1. After playing with about 130 plugins on my server, after a while, it
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  2. From what I can see you have 1gb ram for 100 players and 130 plugins which is in my opinion pretty low. Try to increase it
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    Your second timings report shows absolutely no issues:

    I can see in your first report:
    5.16% 19,033.75% 9.52 s 9,516.87 ms 0.0 0.0k Task: TimerGarbageCollect$$Lambda$140/467651944(interval 12000)

    This shows to me two things
    1) EscapeLag is a stupid plugin
    2) It is causing 10 second lag spikes when it forces a GC. A GC shouldn't take this long, so I suggest you have ridiculous Java flags, and this is also your "lag spike" without plugins.

    Your java flags to begin with should be: java -Xmx6G -jar spigot.jar

    No more, no less.

    PS: Don't open a bug report for configuration issues with your server
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  4. Read my last timings. I have 0 plugins, except for React to check everything, and 10% of my server is on load.

    I also tested the normal java arguments without anything else. I even tried stopping the GC with arguments, still had the issue.
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    How exactly is 10% load an issue?
    That's perfectly normal.
    What exactly do you expect your load to be?
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    Average Players: 0.15
    Average Players: 1.00

    Server Load: 1.87%
    Server Load: 11.31%

    1.87 / 11.31 = 0.165%

    Wouldn't you know that, the timings with ~15% as many average players has ~15% as much CPU.

    I don't know what you're trying to show with these timings reports, but you won't find the answer you're looking for in them.
  7. See, this doesn't make sense. What doesn't make sense even more, is this...

    My laptop can handle 130 plugins with all worlds on 20TPS 5ms response time, but has a much older backup and spigot

    My dedicated server cannot handle 130 plugins with all worlds on 18TPS, with response time 20 - 800ms response time, on a newer spigot and same plugins but more built world, nobody has played on the server yet though, and the builds are tiny.
  8. Alright, so you wanna say that with an SSD, DDR4 RAM, and an Intel I7.

    Well take a look at this then for the seconds timings for my laptop...
  9. That is quite impression and to be honest kinda unbelievable that with a laptop setup where you run the os, the apps, the mc server, the jvm, the client, and 130 plugins, that you have no lag and no server load with your players online connected to it.

    What kinda laptop is this?
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  10. the first version of an OMEN gaming laptop, and benchmarking the laptop and actual server, the laptop is almost 3x weaker than the server itself.

    When I run the dedicated server now with 130 plugins, it goes to 90 - 120% server load and 50 - 90% CPU

    My laptop' CPU only hits 6% and the server load is at 50% or lower.
  11. See, this doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure what the cause of all this is.
  12. That honestly sounds like there's something wrong with the server then. Because it should not hit the CPU that high obviously. I doubt the issue is related to Spigot.
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    OP is changing 103 different things between each test.

    Could be something wrong with the server, but hard to tell because all the comparisons have been done under very different setups

    Maybe you should run a benchmark tool.
  14. I was actually just checking github for Grinder as a java framework benchmark or Apache's jMeter, but I don't know how well this works with java.

    Dear @op, do you have any issues with buildtools.jar for example as well? I mean, from fresh download in a fresh dir and running, .. does it take you more than say 3,5 or 4 minutes?
  15. From a fresh download, the server itself is fine. If this is true, then does that mean my main world, is somehow corrupted?
  16. How can a corrupted world cause so much lag, with the increase of how many processes there are? That doesn't make sense. This couldn't be malware attaching itself to a world, but if that's true, then the plugins on spigot have malicious code.
  17. You're answering your own questions and now you're talking about malware, where is all this coming from?
    Use with grain of salt, but .. maybe you can run your plugins through virustotal if you suspect malware,
    along with stand alone jar files like these:
    I wrote a simple shell script to run on your plugins/ folder that goes through the stuff you have and reports back to a .log file:

    Corrupted world? Not sure why that would be the case, you can start a fresh setup like you said you had, and use your old world without plugins. Test that.. if the load goes to cpu 100% .. something's weird, maybe run the server in debug mode and see what it spits out that it otherwise wouldn't.

    If you say things are fine and it's perhaps corrupted world, then throw those 130 plugins as you have them now in a fresh install with a new world and it shouldn't add any lag on the dedicated server, right?

    130 plugins though ..

    How many players do you have usually - are they perhaps flying around with speed 10 ? or maybe all in operator mode using world edit commands like, select 0x0x0 and 1mill 1mill 1mill and //set tnt & ignite?
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    VirusTotal probably won't be of much help tbh, mcf....maybe....
  19. I've found a couple of plugins in the past that had malware stuck in them. Their online service runs a virtual machine and executes the jar and watches what happens.. it's actually pretty good at finding embedded malware.