The ultimate world? [$40 plugin competition]

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    Recently, my world generator plugin got a huge overhaul that opens up for advanced configuration of the generator. In connection to this, I want to create a couple of pre-made configurations to the plugin. My problem is that as a plugin developer, I do have the server experience needed to know what that could be a great world for your gamemode. I therefor need your help.

    I will be holding a competition on what would be your ultimate world. The reward will be a copy of my plugin EpicWorldGenerator (worth $40). The world will also be created, but it will be available to all owners of the plugin.

    I am currently looking for the best possible configurations for;
    • A faction world
    • OP faction world
    • Hardcore faction
    • Survival world (taken)
    This means in total, it will be 4 winners.

    To enter the competition, please use the following form and post in this thread.
    Please explain any details with each biome. More info about your biome gives you a better chance of winning.

    For vanilla biomes, please use this list;

    For already existing biomes in the plugin, scroll a bit down here. Sadly, this is just some of the biomes;

    The plugin has powerful support for creating custom biomes, it would be best if you coming up with new ideas.

    Example of thing you can think of;
    • Ores per biome, eg more diamond ores in a desert?
    • Block mixes generated on the ground?
    • Blocks placed based on conditions, like stone should be generated on hilly areas instead of grass.
    • Any custom structure? (eg houses that spawn around)
    • Fog color (grass color, what vanilla biome should be in the f3 menu)
    • How should the terrain look like, would like it be a mix between existing terrains or something new?

    Example of an entry, (this is just a short example, please add more biomes and info);

    Be creative, only your imagination sets the limits. (or well, almost).
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  2. This sounds like a great idea and as an owner of your plugin already, I look forward to seeing what people have made! I am however not creative enough to enter :p
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  3. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    World type (Faction/OPFaction/HCF/Survival): Survival
    Configuration name: Survival of the Fittest
    Biomes to be included (could be vanilla mc biomes or custom):

    Default EWG biomes:
    • I would like to keep all default biomes, except I would like Jungles, Oceans, and Deserts to be smaller. Along with that, I would like to see that ores are rarer in general (15% rarer), which allows for a more hardcore experience. Also, I would want to see a boost of ravines and other caves.
    Vanilla minecraft biomes:
    • Jungle
      • Smaller
    • Ocean and Deep Ocean
      • Smaller
    Custom biomes:
    • Large Oak
      • Large oak trees with long, thick trunks
      • Small huts spawn frequently, looking similar to witch huts
      • Leaves should be a mix of jungle and oak
      • Foliage should cover around 40% of the ground
      • Ruins should plague the area (small stone outcoves, etc.)
      • Around 3 trees per chunk +
    • Holy Desert
      • Small lakes and trees would appear frequently
      • Made of sand, endstone, and sandstone
      • Diamond and Emerald ores spawn more frequently here (5% more)
    • Jungle Forest
      • Similar to a regular jungle, but with large birch trees instead
      • foliage covers almost 90% of the ground
      • trees grow tall, up to 30 blocks high, with 2x2 thick trunks
      • Melons and pumpkins spawn regularly here
    • Mushroom Acre
      • Large mushrooms almost 3x the size of regular mushrooms
      • about 1 mushroom per chunk
      • trunks are large, almost 3x3, with the mushroom tops spreading outwards from the top
      • grow from 10-30 blocks tall
      • small cave-ins inside of mushrooms (15%) with a furnace and crafting bench, and a chest to loot items from
    I really want this plugin...
    EDIT: So, where's my free download? :p
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  4. minelazz


    You defently have a good chance winning, but I am going to wait a bit to see if more people entry the contest.
  5. minelazz


    Since nobody else has entred, you won :)

    The world will be created. Already granted you access to the plugin. Congrats.

    For other people, their is still 3 world types open.
  6. Biome:
    Nethery Walls Midevil but hellish kingdom. Tall watch towers, breath taking but flat terrain:
    I really want this plugin :D
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  7. I'll give it a shot.......
    World type (Faction/OPFaction/HCF/Survival): HCF
    Configuration name: The
    Biomes to be included (could be vanilla mc biomes or custom):

    • Default EWG biomes:

    • I like most of EpicWorldGenerators biomes but I would like to remove the Ocean since this would be difficult to navigate in in an HCF Game. Otherwise I want to keep all of the EpicWorldGenerator Biomes since they are all very sexy. ;)

    • Vanilla minecraft biomes:

    • I really only like the default Minecraft End and Nether biomes as these are unique and EpicWorldGenerator does not offer these (maybe add? (Also I am not sure of this:p))
    • Custom biomes:
    • Tumbling Temple:

    • This would be a giant temple that would be very rarely generated and have some parkour and tricks in it that would lead to a reward or a portal to the end? :p

    • Ginormous Jungle:

    • This would be a HUGE jungle with massive trees and tough terrerain and beautiful sights such as waterfalls, huge lakes and small villages where people live in. :)

    • Castle Cove:

    • This would be a giant stone castle that would probably spawn in a desert or swamp. This would be made of stone bricks or sandstone and would be a giant castle not with much in it since people would (be able to) raid it.

    • Paradise Pond:

    • This biome would be a kind of paradise with fancy buildings, a beach, umbrellas, blankets and boats in the water like Hawaii or a resort. :)

    • This would be a HUGE jungle with massive trees and tough terrain and beautiful sights such as waterfalls, huge lakes and small villages where people live in. :)
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  8. I really want the plugin... Pls letme have it :D
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  9. World type (Faction/OPFaction/HCF/Survival): Faction/OPFaction
    Configuration name: Faction/OPFaction
    Biomes to be included (could be vanilla mc biomes or custom):

    • Default EWG biomes
      • I would keep the mesa one but level it out more.
    • Vanilla minecraft biomes;
    • Plains, I would keep the plains but get rid of most of the grass.
    • Keep the jungle but keep it mostly flat.
    • Custom biomes:
    Oasis, This biome would include small areas of grass and ponds/lakes but nothing huge these small areas would be surrounded by either jungle trees or some sort of custom jungle trees. The ores would be increased in these areas alone so make them somewhat rare. Surrounding the oasis have a desert biome that has a few dead trees around it

    Snowy, This area would be a flat but snowy area making it more of a iced over place. This area would include frozen lakes and small pine trees. the terrain would raise a total of 1-4 blocks making this a very flat area. This biome would also have ice spikes making it a good place to get ice.

    Plains, This would be like the default plains but this would have very little grass (as in bonemeal grass) and would be very flat like the snowy area. This would be the biome to back up to the oasis. In this biome there would be patches of mud that would be brown clay and hardened dirt (I believe its called). In this area there would also be a small amount caves with increased ore.'

    Mountains, This area would be a lot like the normal mountain terrain but would include larger mountains with added ore. These mountains would be made with cannons with creeks below making it harder to get around, There would be small houses in this biome where you could get enchanted books and other things.

    Swamp, This would be a lot like normal but would add custom trees and make the water deeper, The witch hut would be included but turned into a large tree that would house potion supplies. This tree would also be very rare and only a few per biome.

    Dark Forest, This biome would be a very tree filled biome, It would have mostly dark oak with a small amount of birch added in between all these trees would be simple but large custom trees. I would add small huts that would house tools almost like a blacksmith all around this biome making it good for getting ores. The ore amount would remain default for this biome.

    , This would be like the normal jungle but be much more open it would be more of a tropical place housing jungle trees but have lakes around it and add small temples in it, These would be much like the normal jungle temple but would house gold and diamonds and other rare goodies.

    Mushroom Forest, This would be a small and very rare biome but would include the things of a mushroom island including the same land style but would add large mushroom trees that would house redstone items. In this biome there would also be included mushroom cows spawning and normal cows. This biome would have added grass blocks instead of just the normal land. This biome would have increased gold and iron ore.

    That should be it sorry if I made it a little bit long I can tell more about each biome if you like. Just tell me what you think! :D

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  10. Aw shucks, and I already have the plugin. :p
    Good luck to those who enter.
  11. can i please have the latest version of epicWorldgenerator xD
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  12. Then enter the competition.
  13. minelazz


    Sounds like somebody just won a $49.99 plugin. I am having exam on Monday, so you will to wait about getting the worlds created in EWG.

    But download access has been granted to both of you. Congratulations.
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  14. World type (Faction/OPFaction/HCF/Survival): OPFaction
    Configuration name:
    Biomes to be included (could be vanilla mc biomes or custom):

    • Default EWG biomes
    • I haven't seen them all, but I like Mesa, Desert (Modify it, add custom cactuses)
    • Vanilla minecraft biomes;
    • Keep the plains, but modify a bit (For example, use the new grass path blocks), group tall grass and flowers with some few random trees.
    • Custom biomes:
    • *Please bear in mind for OPFactions ore ratio should be increased*
    • Please, make the velocity and transition and overall terrain height much smaller than default I've seen, it makes it kinda too hard on players to wonder around as they have to jump a lot which makes it kinda annoying :)
    Polar, This biome would be made out of an ice wastelands, with few trees around, and ice pikes appearing in groups, it should have ice mountains too (Top layer of ice/snow) with random custom structure Ice Huts in which you could find rich resources.

    Snowy, This would be an another winter biome, but rather than being wasteland, it would contain having winter trees and forests made out of it. With frozen lakes and random broken huts/hunting houses found around it. Should be more flat than Polar and have rivers flow through it covered with ice layer on top.

    Dry Plains , This would be similar to the "default" modified plains, but instead of having all sort of grass/flower types around, it should contain more desert like feeling, having few oasis arounds with possiblew resources beneath the oasis water pond. Should be next to desert as an border to make transfer from desert look more smooth (Try to influence the color of the grass in it to give it that "dry" effect). Some mostly dead trees or palms.

    Oasis, This biome would appear in desert enviorment only, being consisted of small water source and palm trees with grass and flowers around, providing an most needed water source in dry desert lands around it, spawning increased rate of animals in it, with a possible random chance of an chest to appear with some long lost items of someone.

    Forest, You already have a nice forest setup, make it something similar to the default biome in terms of terrain, but having it custom trees with random bushes around, and ravines which cut deep, with places which are clear of any sort of trees containing group of flowers sorounded with grass. Also should contain few different types of houses which would be packed with chests with something in it.

    Evil Forest, This should be an forest containing a lot of dark themed trees (Such as dark oak), very large and tall trees, with possible hollow trees in which you could find random chest with ores, this forest should have amplified mob spawning rate (If possible) and should have a lot of "traps" such as open enterances to caves, ravines going wide, steep (3-5 blocks) terrain elevation and possible witch huts in which you know, witches would spawn, containing brewing stand and few potions left behind.

    Mushroom Forest
    , Forest containing a lot of mushroom trees and spawning normal & mushroom cows, should be much rare biome as it would have mushrooms to collect for potions, and shouldn't be that large in size. Might have elevated huts containing exotic chests with items which are hard to collect usually and come in handy when brewing potions!

    Swampland, Mostly flat, dark grass forest, with a lot of ponds and lakes with deep black water, having dark leaves with lots of vines and small bushes, could have underwater temples (Look at fallout 4 giant crabs as I call them) containing that ocean boss and having hefty rewards such as emerald blocks inside of them (But make it completely no lights in the temple) and few chests at random spots.

    Jungle, Should have a lot of large trees, small trees, bushes and all sort grass/flowers spawning on the floor, further, it should have abandomed ruins of villages, tree houses (Imagine it being stairs around a tree which lead to whole house on it or few trees connected with bridges and each having part of house containing paintings, chests with random items, crafting tables, beds and such). Also should include random such as Aztecs temples (Rare) which would be filled with gold.

    I have few more ideas, such as real Wasteland (Lava pools, transfer some of nether blocks to World) but they don't seem adequate for this, however if you are interested hearing it out, please tell me :)
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  15. Might let my friend enter tomorrow, I am not that creative, still being posted on this account. (Same server btw if any staff is watching lol :p)
  16. minelazz


    Granted you access.
  17. Would you consider having an RPG config? More to fantasy feeling.
  18. minelazz


  19. PM'd you the rest, I hope you do find it and read it :)
  20. I don't know if you're still doing it, but since it's not striked through in OP, i wouldn't mind at least submitting one.

    World Type: OP Faction
    Configuration Name: Dirtcore
    EWG Biomes:
    I'm not familiar at all, but I've copied links to pictures from the plugin page that I think would go well with the image in my mind.
    fricking sexy!
    Default Biomes:
    - Swamp
    - Dark Oak Forest?
    - NO default forests/birch forests or normal deserts! too cliche :( also like said on this thread, no oceans)

    Custom Biomes:
    - Wasteland: With the new 1.10 minecraft update soon to come out, you can step over 1 block (what you used to need to jump over) so I think it would be cool to have a wasteland with mycelium, swamp-like textures with vines and leaves hanging all over. kind of a deathly sort of place, it's factions after all :) it would be placed conveniently between biomes so that they end up as a fighting area. also easy to amblish players from behind structures (skulls? or too far lol)
    - Sandstorm: Like an amplified desert, but there's oasises with expressive trees and bushes, mountains with jutting stone-edges, mesa-colored blocks, bigger-modified-acacia trees that look like the little orange desert sapling (i forget what it's called)
    - Oceania: get rid of oceans, yeah, but I think that it plays a big role in factions gameplay, so I think it would be cool to modify it :) something with icebergs, lots of islands and ornamentation, and i don't know much about EWG so i don't know if it's possible, but underwater structures like spheres and bridges between them, similar to a nether fortress would be honestly sick, lootable items or mob spawners inside to make them attractive for a base? they're "hidden" underwater like a lot of factioneers try to make their bases.
    - Dustfields/California Gold Rush: Since OP Factions does need a lot more ores, I'm thinking like a dusty, used terrain (like it was scraped for its minerals) could look particularly beautiful if done the right way. You still need trees, and you need lots of rivers, but almost like it's "barren" and if you can you could spawn villages on top of them and if you can (which would be sick!!!) customize the villages so they look like a gold rush town. This biome would be particularly plentiful with ores, so it would be an attractive target for players to go to.