Spigot TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG [Discontinued/Dead] 2.7

Adds sao inspired features to your minecraft server.

  1. awesome rpg plugin´╝übut still need a big update for skill,please make it run more like sword art online's sword skill.
    finally,hope it could become the best rpg plugin :)
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  2. Do you plan to post the source on github? I was working on some SAO mechanics in Minecraft () and it would be great to try to implement them in your plugin.
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  3. Looks nice :D

    Maybe next big update. I'm still not satisfied with the current version. It contains many sao related things but they are all single parts and they need to be combined. Moreover many people don't like the skill system, even i hate creating skill because it takes so much time ^^.
  4. Why not try to make the skills modular like the enemies? With commands, API, files or so.
  5. is this still active? o.o
  6. Of course, the next update is already ready and was given some servers to test.
  7. Awesome cause i'm working on a SAO server :D, i'm working on the floors now
  8. Shynixn updated TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG with a new update entry:

    TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG-Update v2.5

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  9. Current Version only works for 1.8.0 and 1.8.3.
    Support for 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 will be added soon.
  10. And before someone starts asking why it doesn't work. Try to convert your world into a sao world.
    /cardinal convert <worldname>
  11. Can you give the world that you use for your Tuto with the Boss Rooms please?
  12. It's a showcase world. Not a real rpg world.
  13. yes but the room with the Huge zombie is just insane
  14. Wanna know what will go along great with this? A custom resource pack
  15. I have to wait the 1.8.7 version i have too many issue with this version even on 1.8.3

    Very hard to set up, with the outdated Tutorials, /cardinal instead of /saoworlds ...
  16. That's true, but creating these tutorials is really exhausting and takes hours. I promise to update them but not now.

    You are the 10000th person who wants it. Ok, i give up, i'll add it as project to my PMC account.

    Of course, and a custom client what plays sao soundtracks. But that's the work for the server who use it ;)

    Released TheGreatSwordArtOnlineRPG v2.6

    • Fixed the bugs reported from mmatr (thanks for reporting)
    • Added support for 1.8.6 and 1.8.7 servers
    Download depends on the bukkit moderation.
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