Bug Theme designer at bottom of page unreadable with Dark theme

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  1. Not really a bug, but more a design issue, when using the [BETA] SpigotMC - Dark theme, the link saying "ThemeHouse" at the bottom of the page is pretty much unreadable. I tried the other themes and with those the link has a white color which contrasts well the background, but on this dark theme, the link is dakr gray on a slightly less dark gray background, which makes it very hard to read.
    Perhaps the color of this link could be changed to something that contrasts better, for example the color of the links in the footer of the page?
    Anyway, this isn't anything important, just something I noticed that should probably be changed. Thanks in advance.
  2. TheJavaHacker


    On mobile it looks weird too

  3. md_5

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    Please use the dark theme thread to track/report this
  4. TheJavaHacker


    I switched over whilst I was out and about but couldn’t see whilst in direct sun so I switched back.

    On Dark theme again now.