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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by AldenJD, May 17, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys has anyone use the hosting website

    If u have please let me know how u feel about the support and servers....

    If u can try out any of their servers and let me know it would be appreciated
    Bcoz I think they have like a 1$ plan...

    Thnx - AldenJD
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  2. Solely based on their irresponsible advertising and saying their CPUs are the best on a thread not pertaining to those CPUs here I would not touch them.
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  3. I find that that website works very well... If not here is a list of alts (all are extremely reliable): lethalhosting, mcprohosting, and Bisecthosting. And yes I have worked for servers that used all of those, and they are all very good!

  4. Do u know if I can find a host for 4 gb ram for 8-10$?
  5. I use GuardianHosting (, they have a 4GB RAM plan for just 12$. I've never had a TPS drop on my server with them. And the support is awesome ;)
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  6. I had purchased a server there a few months ago to check it out. It ran okay, but definitely not good. I was very disappointed to see my 2GB plan crashing while running an idle FTB server. I've ran FTB Infinity on 2GB with 6 people online no problem, on other servers. Support was very unprofessional as well. I recommend staying away from them, there are better options out there.
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  7. RSNET-Radic


    Purchasing at under $3/GB is asking for disaster.
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  8. Wait, so is kimsufi still good? Since they sell an i5-2300 and 16gb of ram for $26 which is way under 3/gb. So does this just go for mc-hosting for in general?
  9. He means in general if your expecting quality. For unmanaged VPSes/dedicated servers you MAY be fine depending on your needs to go at/some what less. But for a Minecraft hosting provider it is VERY unreal to sell Minecraft servicing for under $3/GB at all.
  10. See what I means?....

  11. When you create a thread here says this so gtfo:
  12. Get out of our forum. Stop advertising, YOU ARE BAN A BAITING EVERYONE ELSE FORM USERANTING ABOUT YOU!! Just leave the spigot community if you are going to like this!
  13. Do they have eu servers then sign me up if not then ....
  14. Don't think they have EU servers yet. :/
  15. Then do u know any sites that are bang for the buck please not mcprohosting or bisect
  16. What are your thoughts on
  17. The OP's account is clearly an alt, he's convincing you to buy a $1 server from them.

  18. Op?
  19. You.
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