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  1. I'm going to be buying a server from TMH just to see how horrible the performance is. Apparently, the site is a joke as they have "1738" under how many servers have been purchased from them. (Source)

    Anyways, this thread is to keep track of how the server does and such, I'll be adding a connect address as soon as the server is rented.
  2. There's a bunch of typos on the server rental page, showing that they put absoulutely no effort into creating this page. (Source)

    EDIT: Can't buy the a server :(, paypal isn't letting me.
  3. PayPal is letting you know to not waste a penny on them, I've used them once, never again.
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  4. Paypal is saving you XD
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  5. RSNET-Radic


    Reviews are typically made after a purchase has been completed and a period of time has passed. You're simply giving them free advertising at this point...
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