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  1. I didn't want to make this thread, but it needed to be said.

    TheMinecraftHosting is horrible, @mccamila advertises their services (this person is a STAFF member at their "company"), and their grammar makes me want to jump off a bridge with a bungeecord strapped around my neck.

    • "2x Intel Xeon CPUs" - Not very specific information.
    • "ECC RAM" - Pretty sure this doesn't make any changes to how well Minecraft runs.

    "Safe Data"
    • They have DDoS protection so your data is safe. <- Does that make any fucking sense at all? DDoS protection doesn't secure data, it protects it from packet overflows...

    Oddly increasing connection:
    • The more RAM you purchase the faster the port you get... pretty fucking stupid seeing how you'll never be able to fit enough players on a 32GB server to use 8 Gbps connection. To me, this seems like bullshit to get suckers to buy their services.
    "1738 Servers Sold":
    • This feels like the biggest load of bullshit.
    • ^ HASN'T CHANGED IN OVER A MONTH (first saw them over a month ago)
    "1381 Clients":
    • This also seems like bullshit.
    • ^ HASN'T CHANGED IN OVER A MONTH (first saw them over a month ago)
    "10 Gbps"
    • 48 GB of RAM with 10 Gbps port... BULLSHIT. Bull fucking shit. No way someone would dedicate 10 Gbps to a shared Minecraft server!
    • Also, no way a datacenter would dedicate 10 Gbps to a single server without an major extra charge. So, either they're losing a lot of money, or this is bullshit.
    • I have lost faith in humanity. Fuck all YouTube videos on how-to set-up a hosting company, you're the reason why these idiots have a hosting company.
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  2. Thank the moderation team each of the user's posts was removed.
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  3. Tux


    Don't forget the UFO donations too!
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  4. hihi
  5. We should stop calling them that, too. 99% of these hosts are barely passable as a business.
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  6. Most of them are non-profit anyways xD
  7. They seem to have removed that finally :)
  8. Tux


    Still on their WHMCS :p
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  9. LOL.
  10. Wow, they seem really great, I am going to by 5 of their God plans for my network, with a 50 Gbps for only 475, bet their is nothing cheaper... Ovh

    Another point, why do they sell a 48gb of ram plan? This seems kinda of useless, since you could optimize your server or run a network instead...

    Also I was looking at videos of people telling you how to start a mc hosting company, I found I guy who found away to runs his server of dropbox... Genius
  11. The ECC RAM you mention should be in Safe Data. ECC RAM have a thing called Error Correcting Code (EEC). It makes your data very failproof (on the RAM department.) ECC RAM's code have been so fine tuned over the years that it has a near 0% failure rate compared to an around 0.9% failure rate with normal RAM. This is why many servers use ECC RAM.
    ECC RAM is 2% slower than non-ECC RAM and can costs 10% - 20% more per stick.
    (This data comes from Kingston, so this is only regarding Kingston ECC and Kingston non-ECC, but should still be kinda applicable to other RAM)

    EDIT: This means ECC RAM is only important if you have high value data on your servers. Like big companies have. Shouldn't be important for a small hosting company.
  12. The grammar is amazing, look at this shit:
    What is your average ticket response time?

    Our average response time is under 30 minutes but we have a maximum time of 24 hours, however most of the time your support tickets will be answered much quicker. We have a ticket team that it´s on 24/7.
  13. Don't use commas in some places after reading the FAQ, either.
  14. There is errors like:
    • Not upper-casing first letter of words
    • Not using apostrophes where they're needed
    • Not using commas properly
    • Random upper-casing in words
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  15. Yea, if you wanna look professional, the first thing you should do is have proper grammar.
  16. Wait, do you own TheMinecraftHosting?
  17. No? Why do you ask.
  18. Miss read a post... Sorry.
  19. I can also agree with the OP, I was questioning their network hardware in order to handle the port speeds they claim to have, so they IP banned me from their site telling me 'We can´t share that information with the public sorry' - whilst the port speeds they claim to have are unnecessary, them lying about something like that would make me believe there are other claims they make that aren't quite true either.
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  20. RSNET-Radic


    ECC RAM prevents bit flipping, not really useful for Minecraft.
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