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    I've recently bought the "theminecrafthosting" minecraft hosting website. Can anyone tell me how to use it?
  2. Ask their support
  3. BQY


    Nevermind, I've watched alot of reviews and such.. They are very hated and apparently a very bad host, I'll try to get refunded.
  4. Search for reviews and think a few times about it, even keep it a few days in your mind and then purchase if you want it. It saves you a lot of hassle.
  5. Crap... do they do refunds? I only saw the bad reviews after i paid.... Do they accept refunds?
  6. They are a ultra crap I recommend you go with TitanNodes, they are 300 times better than these Spaniards and their hosting attempt, their support is the worst and they become arrogant, 0% professionalism.
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