Theoretical plugin to negate/nurf "Too Expensive!" in anvil's

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by LuxxFushionYT, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. i have looked around and have not found any plugins to solve this, most people in those threads said that it was a client sided issue and plugins won't be able to fix it, but i have a theory.
    when a player wants to reset the exp count required to repair or work on a tool/weapon/enchanting book
    they run a command like /repairexp
    then the server scans threw the item that the player is holding and resets the exp cost to work on the item to 10exp (10-20exp and not a full exp reset as it should still cost a fair amount of exp to work on, the command could go like /repairexp 10 or /repairexp 20 (/repairexp none (for free)) depending on the players permissions) permissions for this plugin could be resetexp.lower.10 (10 representing how low the player can reset the exp to)
    this in theory should be able to work as item data is stored server side and should be able to be changed, tho this cannot remove the "Too Expensive!" in anvils but it can allow players with permissions to reset their item exp cost (it may be too op to just let players use this command, so a better idea is to remove 30-50 exp per weapon/tool that is reset and 10-19 exp per enchanting book reset, there should also be another permission to allow a player to use this without a penalty with a permission (/repairexp none) such as resetexp.penalty.none)
    if anybody could make this plugin it would be grate.