There a way to find or list all IP addresses that connected to my server?

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  1. Recently, someone hacked into my MC account and joined my server and griefed it. RIP. Anyways, I have essentials Geo-IP plugin and I wanted to know if theres a way to find the IP address that connected under my account. I should have done /whois but I was in a panic to ban them through console. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you have any other plugins that document connected IP addresses or have a way to access the decrypted geo-ip db file that would also help!
  2. There's a logs folder in your server root. Spigot will log anyone who joins and their ip, so just sort through the logs till you find it.
  3. Do you happen to use a plugin called Essentials?
    If you do not, you can always look at the server logs and get their IP that logged in from your account.
  4. Yeah, if you would like to find ips use essentials and go to the logs.
  5. I use essentials, is there something like a logs.yml?
  6. Inside of every player datafile you can find the players IP address.
  7. Bro I found the log, and the IP address it says connected to is WTF. Someone is not hacking my account and logging in under localhost im shivering
  8. If the IP is, you don't need to be alarmed or scared. Your account was not hacked, someone found the ports to your server. They were open & they logged on with your account.
    They used the bungeecord exploit.
    If you need a guide on how to firewall check here.
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  9. Ok, I used the iptables command with the port range to all my servers. I used for $BUNGEE_IP and did the port range command.
    How can i test that my firewall works? I also had this plugin called BungeeExploitFix on all my servers I guess and it didnt work so huh. Wonder why? I can give you my discord so we can test it if u want

    EDIT: Dude help I cant connect to my server after doing what I just did. I did "iptables --flush" and nothing is happening pls discord
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