There is lots of lag spikes..

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  1. After slashing my player slots in half I can finally get a decent 20TPS. The problem is, there is lots and lots of lag spikes. I have seen the TPS drop from 20 to 13 in a minute, and a few mins later it will be right back up. But mostly there is spikes that go from 20 to like 17, even though this isn't much the spikes are really annoying, and people think the server is lagging due to this.
    This isn't the auto-save problem, and I can assume now this isn't a chunk loading problem? So I don't know what's is causing this. Problems persist on both regular Spigot, and the testing builds of Spigot. Anyone experiencing similar issues?
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    Yeah, same stuff here. Chunk Loading builds definitely helped, but it still happens.

    Tick will just drop, stay there for a little bit, then go back up. I've never had the tick stay low (like in 1.3) but the tick dips frequently.

    Doesn't really matter what the player count is, although it becomes more noticeable at 20+
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  3. use clear lagg and load the world
  4. Are you using cusotm generators?
  5. Thats sad, maybe get a better host? Or clear lag / killall animals/mobs and entities.