These reviews are stupid...

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  1. I am getting really pissed off on half of my plugins because every time I get a bad review, it is either someone stating that the plugin has some bugs and never tell me what it is, or for a feature my plugin isn't even advertised to offer. This review system makes my plugins look worse then they really are and it gets on my nerves. I know this thread is poorly written I just wanted to get community feedback on this situation. I already emailed Spigot a couple months ago about a couple of the stupid reviews I get and they said "Have you tried contacting them?, OF COURSE I DID!

    Here are two of the bad reviews:
  2. I just looked at your plugins page and it seems to be great. (not fit for my server). Usually when people review things it's bad. when it's good they don't bother. This is how many humans sadly are. But if you keep at it long enough I am sure you will see the results you will like.

    The sypho-spawners page specifically seems very attractive.
  3. These reviews can be pretty stupid sometimes, and it's really impossible to stop it unless you can report it with a valid reason.
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  5. Those are "average" reviews :rolleyes:
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    Report the reviews.
    I believe the staff will take down such reviews.
  7. Yeah, I don't think it's allowed for people to put stupid reviews on plugins. It makes them look bad and they're not even constructive, so maybe ask a staff member or report it and they will probably take it down.
  8. Welcome to premium plugin business...
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    I dont make plugins but I buy a few and I give reviews on both bad and good ones.
    Im going to say that from a customer standpoint, I view the ratings like this.

    If I see a plugin that is 3 of 5 stars its average, meaning that there is probably bugs, or not everything works in the plugin etc.
    Lets be honest, most of the plugins advertised here barely work and they got 3 stars or even 4 or 5 stars, and they barely work if at all.

    Spigot plugins have a rating system, so that means that you are going to get both negative and positive ratings.
    If you don't like the system then rally for only 3 4 or 5 stars only, and don't have the 1 or 2 stars.

    I see alot of plugin makers complaining about getting low reviews to the point where its common now for plugin makers to complain that they are getting low ratings. If you are going to sell something, or have something up for download here on spigot. Be prepared to get reviews, thats why there is a rating system to begin with, its to let us know whether a plugin is worth the time to experiment with and download.

    Maybe there is multiple reasons to have a rating system, but for me personally it helps me determine what plugins i should spend my time testing and downloading.
    Also my last point is this, Im smart enough to look through the ratings and read them to see if they make sense or if they are just troll ratings, so don't get too mad about it because im pretty sure the people downloading are taking the time to read some of those negative reviews.
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    report them with screenshots of the convos. Normal mods can't see conversations
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    If you think it's illegitimate report it with the reason you think it shouldn't be there, no guarantees anything will be done, but sure, the obviously useless reviews with no proof to backup claims may be removed.
  12. Yeah um @Frozon 3* is definitely average. 2* is bad while 4* is good. You see the balance? Average is "meh".
    @vk2gpz he left an "average" review on OTI and you apparently kickbanned him from your skype chat
  13. ya, users should not use review process as ransom for
    • getting their demand met (ofc, if it's plugin's bug, it should be reported and handled appropriately by the developer)
    • harassment purpose
    • trolling, etc.
    However, I also understand the spectrum of users in this community is wide, so you need to expect variety of user behaviours and you cannot control some undesirable behaviours. That would be to much to ask for moderators and admins of this site.