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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Sallinx, May 21, 2016.

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  1. Hey there I'm the owner of the upcoming network TheZone. We want to hear from you, the Spigot community. We want to know: What do you want from a minecraft network? This can be gamemodes to little features It's up to you! List as many features as you can for a chance to have them on the server! Also can giveaways be done on Spigot forums?

  2. JamesJ


    To not see multiple threads about what I want to see in a network.
    I assume your last one was deleted, this doesn't mean make another.
  3. Most of us are server owners who don't care about other servers. If you're going to giveaway ranks, we don't want them
  4. Its a question not a discussion
  5. JamesJ


    Again, his point still stands..
  6. The gamemodes must have people :3
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  7. When you say this you mean the server must have a community?
  8. Correct, they should have people playing on them.
    Make sure you have a decent budget to advertise and get plugins developed.
  9. To be completely honest, I don't wan't anything in a Minecraft network because I (and many others here) already own a server and have no time to play others.
    And I (and many others here) have my own unique ideas.
  10. Its a idea in general and not personal to server owners
  11. JamesJ


    This is a forum for server owners....
  12. Im not making it a personal asking but a broad question that does not effect you. i asked what I could have in my server not idiots coming in talking bull shit.
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  13. :(
  14. Your reply was informative so yours where not bs :)
  15. salt levels have risen too high

    On a more serious note, you should be asking this on a forum like the minecraft forums, there are mainly server owners here who, to be quite honest, give no craps about playing on your server.
  16. I'm not trying to get players on I want ideas of features and gamemodes
  17. If owners have ideas, chances are, they'll use it for their own servers, rather then throwing them around on a public forum.
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