Things that annoy me on spigot...

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What do u agree with?

  1. Posting plugins without Description/info about the plugin.

  2. First plugin

  3. Stealing other people plugins!

  4. Posting a error as a rewiew

  5. When sending a error

  6. It all!

  7. Other? did i miss something?

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  1. I just want to say if i put this the worng place sorry.

    Hi guys.
    I have in long wanted to make this thread.
    The thread will be in parts. Each part is another thing that Annoy's me.​


    1. Posting plugins without Description/info about the plugin.
    I have seen many times where people post and only write a little text. Example: "Cool plugin that sends a messages when you do /hi"
    I just dont get why you shoud download it. If i would try to download it. It would need sections, pictures maybe.

    Good plugin theads: - ShopGui by brc
    This plugin uses pictures to describes the plugin and make's it more "Fun" or "existing" to look at. - AnimatedMotd by samczsun
    The good thing about this is that he at the top says that it does not work in 1.8.4 , So people dont download something that does not work for some clients. He also uses some good pictures and a good describtion.

    Bad plugin theads:
    Sorry if your Plugin is here - PluginMessage by blakfangs
    The plugin does not have any of the good things that ShopGui or AnimatedMotd have. And after what he says "Pretty Self Explanatory" is not enough Because people (Or me) like to still see you write something about your plugin. What if the player started a server for the first time. And dont know what the plugin is about but you just know that its something with a plugin and a message.

    There are many more of these threads some where the plugin is good. But does not have a good describtion and it is ruining what people think about it. I see this almost every day.


    2. First plugin
    I do not mean the first you show to the public. But the first you make. If you have been making plugins or programming for a long time then this is not you.

    Okay so its your first plugin. First i would like to say "GG" but how many features could it have, its your first plugin maybe you just have seen a youtuber online. Seen Episode 1 or 2. And your "Hype" then you think lets upload this to spigotmc or bukkit. But most people who can a little code can make the plugin you have made. So if you are gonna post a plugin then think is it a good plugin that needs to be uploaded or shoud you just see 15 more tutorials and be a pro at programming (Pro/Programming :D)

    3. Stealing other people plugins!
    I know the staff team is working on removing all stolen plugins. But still dont do it, the devs become sad that you take there plugin. And they dont get credits for it. I have tried where someone have stolen my plugin. The stealer (Click here) My Plugin (Click here) Dont belive its mine look at the dates it was public.
    I also see this every day


    4. Posting a error as a rewiew
    Devs like when people make a rewiew of there plugin but not when they find out that they get 1/5 because of a error. If you get a error then send a pm to the dev or use the Discussion section, its made for it!


    5. When sending a error
    When you contact a dev for help, then make it easy for the dev to find out why it is not working. I have tried where a player just said that it did not work. When you send a error then upload your config file/s using Hastebin or Pastebin it only takes 5 min and even some devs made a command that posts it for you.


    That was all i had too say i will update this if i think of more.
    //Phil14052 aka PhilPlays :D

    I did not make the line breaks - - - -
    Credit to jflory7
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  2. 1. It is not against the rules to write little information.
    2. It is not against the rules to write a bad plugin as long as it is not malicious.
    3. It is not against the rules to steal anyone's idea, free market methodology.
    4. It is not against the rules to make a review with 1/5 because of an error occurred. I see that on google play everyday.
    5. You can just ignore those people who does not cooperate. Save you a lot of time too.
  3. @connection_lost I did not say it is against the rules. Its the same as you writed that comment as you say in number 5
    Then you could ignore this insted of saying whats wrong about what i think.

    No its not and its not that i am saying. I am saying that people shoud stop downloading a plugin and then upload it. People may steal my idea go ahead.

    No its not. But the devs would rather want the rewiews to be on a pm insted

    //Phil14052 aka PhilPlays
  4. People who complain about others yet use ignore and not annoy :^)
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  5. What...?

    I didn't believed that was actually stolen the actual plugin.

    Well, maybe let's just report it and hopefully he could get perma-banned
  6. Regarding PluginMessage:

    As said in the description, It's self-explanatory. It only does few things which most likely won't be updated, and I oppose that the original author won't have time to write a huge text wall.
  7. Sorry that i used your plugin as a Example just say if i shoud remove it

    I have edited now. Thanks english is not my primary language.
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  8. As far as reporting stolen plugins, I have had success with giving the area where the code was stolen from along with a screenshot with luyten and the source of where the plugin is found side-by-side. The plugins I reported where taken down within the hour.
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  9. jflory7

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    Generally, in the past, I have removed plugins that contain extremely vague or non-descriptive explanations of what they do, like one or two sentences. I also agree that these plugins are not adding anything to the community, and often, in my experiences, poor documentation is signs of something else lurking in the code. If you wish to report resources with almost-empty descriptions, I will generally remove them.

    I don't think banning users from uploading a beginner's plugin is something inherently bad. Part of the process of learning good habits is also writing good documentation for your plugin and also handling user feedback and reviews. I think it's all good practice, and even if the plugin doesn't do much, if something was learned, then no harm done.

    Another "generally" statement: If you, as the developer, take the time to respond to a user who leaves a poor review on your plugin and follow-up about whatever is the issue, and either (1) the user does not respond, (2) the user refuses to try to fix their issue even with you providing support, or (3) you fix the user's issues (they confirm it is fixed) and do not update their review, we will generally remove the review if you attach the proper screenshots of you putting forth the effort to contact the user.

    Otherwise, like @connection_lost referred to, I try to handle resource reviews from an objective perspective, similar to what iTunes / Google Play does.
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  10. @jflory7
    Well iam not saying to ban them. Iam not saying to ban any of the things i have said.
    But before they post a plugin maybe they shoud think of what it does.

    Well i agree with that.
  11. i think you should be nice for a new devpor or how ever u spell it! :)
    if it was your first plugin would u wanna be banned for not good work? basicly what we saying here!
    just message them and say "Good Work on you plugin "plugin name" i think you can do better! try adding somemore code to it! IDK DO something nice! NOT YOUR BANNED BECAUSE YOUR PLUGIN STINKS
  12. I am not saying to ban them
  13. NotoriousNemo


    Posting plugins without Description/info about the plugin. This grinds my gears

    That is a legit problem lol, or when a plugin maker writes for an
    bug fix too lazy to post.
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  14. i know i was just saying that! :)
  15. Tao


    It's good that you're focusing on the positives.