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Add a bit more than hunger

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    Thirst - Add a but more than hunger

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  2. Hiya

    Are you using the latest update ( after 5:13) this issue should be fixed in that
  3. Yes indeed I am. I am also using Spigot 1.7.9 (i think) Try adding it to the jars and see if it pops up any errors
  4. Weird I thought I'd uploaded a new version the second time

    I'm back home tomorrow morning I can upload the corrected version again for you
  5. Add BarAPI support please!
  6. Also to the BarAPI one add a config with custom msg for the Bar and have variable's maybe? Like %player and %precentage (for like 97.2% Thirst) or something. Thank you
  7. Ops I forgot to say add like an /thirst set and maybe like a random that activates every 15min that has a 50% of Igniting the player on fire as /thirst ignite
  8. Also again waltebalties way to OverPowered, and make soo you have to cook them? Just check instead of drinking just a bottle of water check for the name it gets when u cook it? And maybe when drinking water +5/10% soo its more balanced, also maybe add this configureable?
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    Thirst 0.6 - Config

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  10. hey slashay, configuration done ill work on the other suggestions - I reckon /set its a good idea plus the cooking to sterilise the river water
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    Thirst 0.7

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  12. Well, things you could add(easy) custom item names (Ex: getConfig().get("boiledwatername") ), also with customizeable lore and color codes? Also customizeable Thisrt percentage. Specify the config string "Savana" to be an interger and get the config string.
  13. NullBlox


    Needs a few things if it does not and I will be all over this. #1 per world support. #2 configurable items you can edit to refill your thirst.
    I donated for them to add this to Thirsty on Bukkit. Thirsty still works but this plugins you have seams to have some more things I would like than thirsty alone.


    waterbottle: 10
    carrot: 2
    steak :1

    This would basicly let you change any item to have its own unique thirst modifier. Hope you will think it over. :)
  14. Yep I can stick more customisable variables on there for all names

    What do you mean by customisable thirst percentage?
    And the savanna string? That for thirst reduction ?

  15. Cool ideas I'll take a look at those for the next version
  16. Yes, as you have in your plugin desc the percentage thirst drain and I ment Savannah*
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