This cant be right...

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  1. I have been asking recently about the fact that spawn eggs are not easily obtained in the 1.9 update.

    I have received some answers trying to find ways around the issue, but some major problems still remain

    1. There is no way to get IG spawn eggs. Which means no IG farms, which is a huge part of factions
    2. There is no way to sell spawn eggs in any shop since the ids only give the player blank spawn eggs rather than the actual designated spawn egg

    I know this cant be right. Is there an update I am missing for 1.9? Is there a newer version of essentials? I'm really confused but I cant be the only one dealing with this because I know almost every factions server needs these things (for creeper raids, IG farms, pigmen spawners, farms with spawners, etc)

    Let me know if theres something I'm overlooking that could solve this issue.

  2. Try getting the latest version of Essentials (for 1.9) here.
  3. Still doesn't work. Gives me a plain spawn egg still.
  4. Have you tried EssentialsX? SpawnEggs don't use durability anymore to determine their type. If EssentialsX doesn't work a plugin could be made quite easily to remedy this. I might even have time to create a simple plugin just to give the eggs. Depends.
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  5. Hey thanks! that worked.

    But about Essentials X, does that replace all of my other essentials files or what?
  6. As far as I know it uses the same files from essentials. The configs should be fully compatible. But do a backup just in case.
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