This is a weird question.

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  1. Hello everybody!

    Today i have a weird question for you all,

    ok, so, lets get straight into the point.

    Is it possible to turn a PS3 Console into a hosting machine for minecraft? I have an old ps3 and I have no use of it rn.
  2. Benz56

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    Even if you could home hosting is a very bad idea. You’re exposing your personal IP and you most likely have no DDOS protection etc. Some ISPs don’t even allow home hosting.

    You’re better off getting a professionally hosted server. You can get cheap ones down to 1$/gb.
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  3. MiniDigger


    since you can install linux on it, yes. is it a good idea? hell no. adding to what @Benz56 said, not only is home hosting generally a questionable idea, but a PS3 is also a really bad machine to host a server own. it draws way too much power (making it expensive) and features a whopping 256MB of ram, making it basically completely useless.
    the ps3 is basically a bad pc from 2006, nowadays a smart watch or even a freaking smart toaster is more powerful.
    a ps4 has better specs (8gb ram), but its cpu is basically useless for minecraft.
    so yeah, playstations are really really cheap pcs, focused on graphics performance, so its really not feasible to use it for anything else than gaming, where you can leverage its gpu power.