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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by belal, Feb 3, 2020.

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  1. I'm trying to post a premium resource, I checked the requirements and I got them all but one, I need to have 80 messages, I don't really see any point of this requirement to someone who just want's to post a resource but whatever. So I tried to get 80 messages, I did it first time, and staff reset it to ZERO for apparently "message farming" which I did a little bit.. So I didn't give up and I got to 60 legit messages that are actually useful and put in the right place, and guess what? I get messaged again by the same staff member, telling me that he has reset it to ZERO again, I see no point in that and it's really frustrating me.
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  2. SteelPhoenix


    1) The reset to zero is just a default message. All messages except the 'proper' ones were manually deleted.
    2) You posted approx. 1 message/min during your spam sessions.
    3) Most of your messages contained <5 words and barely contributed to the conversation they were posted on.
    4) You have been warned for this behaviour and within 24h you try it again.

    In addition to your post farming there's also other suspicious things going on that will be dealt with in the near future:
    - A 1-day old account without any posts only rating your comments.
    - A bunch of your resources were not made by you.

    > Weird how all that happens within 48h and that these issues largely overlap with the premium resource section requirements.

    Thread locked.
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