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  1. Can you tell me the loic behind your strikes? (strike -> warning/(temp)ban)

    The following message was written in [Click] by MiniDigger. It wasn't violated for irrelevant posting.

    A user called @Manic97 answered with the following message, he got striked for it.
    (Not sure which because @mathhulk only the post ^^)

    @MiniDigger answered this with. No strike, no post remove, just nothing.

    Or another example

    @Vagdedes got banned for

    This ban isn't fair. That's criticsm about a person. I also criticize people if they do bad things, will I also get banned for it? Banned for telling the truth? As far as I know from [here] Spigot isn't a site which like censoring people for their opinion. Also, most posts aren't 100% ontopic, but as far as they don't completly miss the topic they don't get banned. Only because people like MiniDigger they shouldn't prefer him against other users.

    I hope it will be better in the future! ^^
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  2. Yes:


    Disrespect and insulting content is a harder violation than "Irrelevant Posting", but "Irrelevant Posting" get's a strike, and insulting get's nothing - it's not even removed! Really shame...
  3. MiniDigger


    for manic exspecially, staff acted after reviewing his posts in that thread, not a single one. why do you think that he was striked explicity for that post? it was just one of the many I and other members reported. they all get grouped, staff look at them, and the reply to one of them (which closes the rest).
    I especially warned that I would report anyone who tries to derail that thread, really no need to be salty about being warned now.

    staff generally doesn't act based on one single post, they always review the rest of posts that user has to see if he already has a track record of doing stuff that isn't helping the discussions in the threads.

    bit offtopic: quite interesting two see that two ppl who are known to cause trouble in the community now team up because they think they have been handled poorly ;)
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  4. Caution! It's very disrespectful to assert that anyone is causing "trouble in the community", no one of us does that. And when you are so disrespectful, you might get striked too by the moderators.
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  5. Choco


    To justify this, both the above replies were not only wrong, but seemed to imply that I should limit what I'm capable of saying :p I'm willing to reiterate because your statements are still both incorrect; we do not enforce any user's personal ToS because that's not what we're here to do. It's a shame you know more than the staff members that manage resources :(
  6. Wow spigot has a dark side

    Kind of seems unfair but I'm not aware of the whole story without more of a context to it.

    I know @MiniDigger is a very good knowledgable, reputable member of the community. Also all the mods here are very nice and I don't think they would personally use bias against you for their decisions

    Also I've never seen you in my life so you can't be that bad
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  7. Yes I know this, but just saying that they mean nothing is also not good. A staff member should motivate the users to compliance with rules and ToS, and not to break them by saying that they "mean absolutely nothing." which would motivate users to violate against rules and ToS.
  8. First, the post of manic matched the topic as good as your post. If you "direct" the post into off-topic, you should not report people if they answer with off-topic. The post I screened from your was as off-topic as the answer of manic. Also, what about the insult against manic? What about vagdedes ban?

    Also, what's "causing trouble in the community" for you? Only because we criticize some things we don't make trouble. You are one of those people who wan't to censor your own posts. If you wan't to live in an echo chamber, a forum is the wrong place. Different opinions can cause discussions, and discussions aren't something bad.

    Stop censoring other people and start accepting other opinions.
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  9. MiniDigger doesn't like people who write other opinions than his opinion. He wrote a suggestions posts about banning people from own threads. Also, he got many friends and he's much in the irc, so it's not just an idea from me that he might get prefered from some mods. I mean "Shut the fuck up" isn't a small violation of the rules.
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  10. Choco


    But they do mean nothing ^-^ Not sure what you are not understanding. When it comes to something such as leaking, there's not much we can do about that. If it was leaked on the Spigot resources section, report it. If it was leaked elsewhere, we have no jurisdiction there and cannot do anything. Whether "Do not leak this plugin" was in their ToS or not, that's a Spigot rule. We aren't enforcing that ToS, but instead enforcing the rules we put in place. For the third and final time, we do not enforce personal ToS. We enforce the Premium Resource Guidelines and Spigot Rules
  11. MiniDigger


    I want to remove members from my thread who are always dragging it into offtopic. I am all for discussions, but not in a thread that should help ppl to deobfuscate software.
  12. This is spigot, not facebook. Get out.
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  13. @2008Choco
    That's not the topic of the post. That's not just a bit far away from this post, it's a complete other topic.

    You write off-topic yourself, so don't hate other people if they answer your off-topic.

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  14. Choco


    Absolutely it does. I was stating that one of the arguments you made in your thread was invalid
  15. @2008Choco
    Aren't you talking about if TOS are significant? The thread is about wrong bans/strikes. Maybe he a wrong point in the discussion which caused a strike, but if something might be wrong it isn't a reason to strike it for irrelevant posting.
  16. MiniDigger


    so you are suggesting that mods are unfair to you and don't ever touch me because I chat with them in irc? lol.
    first: generally the forum mods aren't all that active on irc, I mostly talk with irc staff ppl from the staff team, and those have nothing to say about user reports.
    second: I am sure that the staff is professional enough to make their job without respecting personal connections
    third: I used the term shut the fuck up to express my frustration that the thread was still going offtopic. as manic said I also participated in the offtopic discussion, but I am sure you can find multiple posts in that thread where I try to remind ppl to stay ontopic (I ain't digging thru that)

    generally: it seems like this thread was created because some members of the community seem to have personal differences with me. I suggest to not discuss this in public but in person. You know where you can find me, I am sure we can find a private place on the irc. Discussing this publicly will just result in an unnecessary flamewar.
    (If you still want to continue the discussion here, please refrain from tagging me as I just unwatched this thread and no longer want to be involved in this "discussion")
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  17. @MiniDigger
    Doesn't change the fact that "Shut the fuck up" isn't something which should be written on spigot. It's against the rules, so strike this and manic's answer or strike nothing, but it's not fair if you just strike one of them.
    As far as I know you're german, so you should know the german youtube community. Your "express my frustration" is for me like ksfreaks "Just out of emotions" (translated) ^^

    It's not a personal problem with you, because there are other unfair things. Yes, I don't like you and I also don't like some other people, but I created this thread because I also don't like unfair things or bans for criticsm. Also, what I don't like on your isn't as relevant as what I don't like on some other people like a specific jr. mod. But no names, because this isn't about personal hate. If you want to talk with me, call me on discord.
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  18. Paraphrased:
    "I can do whatever i want, but if someone does it to me, its shitpostin' time."

    Edit: I like how the person being a hypocrite agreed with this post. Almost like they dont even realize..
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  19. Legoman99573


    I chat with @mathhulk in discord servers and he still warns me/removes my posts still. Mods are playing it fair here. If I go off-topic, he has the rights to enforce the rules on spigot.

    If a triggered feminist joined spigot and wanted someone banned, would the staff ban them?
    No, they will just assume they are triggered and just need to leave the site with their bs remarks.

    If a staff member is being abusive, there is an email to send to md_5 and he will check himself. If he sees nothing is wrong with that staff member, you are basically seen just to gain something from it.
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  20. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    When do users get punished? When other users report them.

    It's pretty rare that someone will get punished just because a staff member happened to be scrolling down the forums and decided to moderate something. If action isn't being taken about something, then it's likely because no one has reported it, and the correct response in this situation is to go report it, not make a thread demanding why action isn't taken. Note that I really really dislike brigading reports so don't now go targeting users mentioned in this thread.

    Why are punishments sometimes different? Guess what, there is more than one staff member on this site. We don't all share the same brain, we all moderate differently. From the examples above, everything seemed pretty consistent with how I would moderate, or not so different that I would deem it unfair. The exception being the stfu post which I have moderated, and which could have been triggered by you simply hitting the report button!

    You seem to be here because one of your friends was banned, and although we don't really discuss bans I will provide some context to that particular ban by stating this:

    I have absolutely no tolerance for users who go out of their way to attack someone, especially when those attacks become personal due to their race, gender, occupation, etc.

    Telling someone to stfu in a thread is gonna get a warning and deleted post. Finding specific characteristics about a person and then conspiring with your friends to attack them on their/your profile is gonna get you banned.

    EDIT: Probably worth mentioning that OP hasn't posted all of the (now deleted) content which lead to his friend being banned.
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