This May change every Thing !

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is Fations on newer versions of minecraft a bad idea ?

  1. Yes maybe.

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  2. No you are free .

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  1. Hello !
    I'm planning to start a Faction server ,but this one will be diffrent from the other Faction servers.I have so much ideas but the problem is in the minecraft server version .
    the majority will say go for 1.8.9 as server base version cuz it's the popular in Faction.
    why? answer : it's because of PvP system and cannoning.
    I want to start something new
    So my question is it bad to start My faction server on a diffrent Server version ? 1.13 for instance
    I don't have any problem to start with Mc 1.8 , but I will be limited (some parts of my project will be ignored )
    I'm able to modify PvPSystem and fix cannoning .

    PS: please , read well and understand what I mean
  2. This isn't anything new
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  3. Factions is old in itself, no matter how you make it unique. My attackplan would go for something completly new, research the market see what's there. And what you want to make,

    But as a answear to the question you have asked, i prefer 1.12.2 i feel there's more compatibility with plugins and such (Might have changed alot) And it's the most stable in my opnion :)
  4. Spoiler alert, this will NOT change everything :ROFLMAO:.

    Factions is old, think about it like this. If 2 years ago people were saying “don’t start a new factions server, there are enough and yours won’t take off” and that turned out to be EXTREMELY true, what makes you think that 2 years later, when pvp has become somewhat ruined (IMO), and factions as a game identified is staring to die out, that it’s a good idea to start one?
  5. yeah I know but let'sgive it a try at least xD
  6. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya. You WILL lose money on this.
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  7. okey thx for the advice :)
    I will try something else