this script won't work?

Discussion in 'Skript' started by nolen1213, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. on chat:
    if message contains "aaaaaaaaaa":
    send "&c&lANTICHAT&8&l> &7Please don't character spam!"
    if {autowarns.%player%} > 3:
    execute console command "/warn %player% Character Spam"
    add 1 to {autowarns.%player%}
    if {autowarns.%player%} < 3:
    execute console command "/tempmute %player% 15m Character Spam"
    set {autowarns.%player%} to 0
    cancel event
  2. hard to help you since you didn't show your tabs (put code in code tags)

    but what I can say, use better variable format {varname::index} and delete variables instead of setting them to 0
  3. I think you also have a problem with your compare signs, you warn the player if he has more than 3 warns and mute if he has less than 3 :unsure:
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  4. indentation is off point, nothing we can do about it, and as mentioned alot of times you have not provided the problems of your script, you just said "this script won't work?"
  5. Please send your error and indent the script with the code format.
  6. Why are you replying to these old threads? I'm sure that if a thread is more than a week old, and the author of the thread hasn't said anything, then their problem is solved even though the thread is still open for replies.
  7. Sorry didn't realize it was over a week old