This thread will end Cheap Hosting Debate

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  1. So guys,thanks for reading this thread.

    I just want to make a debate here for the Battle of the Cheap but have Great Performance Host.Because I know some of you are looking for it,like me.

    Guys if you will disagree to another one about overselling/overusing to the host please proof it,so viewers can see it.

    So heres the possible format of the speakers:
    (Host Name) - Why you say its great and cheap? Any supporting facts etc.?
  2. If your server lags TPS wise despite you not using up all your ram, its time for a dedicated server.
    If you want something cheap and don't have many players, use a shared host.

    Good dedicated hosts:
    Good shared hosts:
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  3. Mostly agreed, although I find all those shared hosts, except Nitrous, terrible.
  4. I started crying when I saw that you put THIS under GOOD hosts :|
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  5. "OVH HATER" why?
  6. If you never have server issue, you never need support.
    SYS/OVH -> bad support
    Under this circumstance, you are fine.

    I use OVH
  7. He's just a moron who doesn't know how to run a server :)
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  8. You get what you pay for. Price is low, so is support.
  9. They are saying always:
  10. is that not a good thing? they cant just snoop in your stuff?
    Maybe if you would be more descriptive to tell them whats happening they could help.
  11. I always recommend Virtual Gladiators to people. They have good support however I only have experience with the premium servers.

    I've been with them for months, probably more than a year I keep losing count. My TPS always used to be above 19tps.

    I moved from MCProhosting to them, the reason for that I used get occasional tps drops. So I wouldn't recommend them. However it's been a while, so they might've changed.
  12. I don't recommend OVH to people unless they're on an extremely low budget. This thread is about "cheap" hosts. And there are many more hosts that are on the cheap side that are not as congested and oversold as OVH and it's brands.
  13. There isn't any problem with using OVH. Their panel is pretty decent, their rescue mode works nicely and their DDoS protection is very effective for the price. There are not any good alternatives in their price class. ReliableSite is close, but they're still a little more expensive. From there you're looking at hosts like LSN or Psychz, which are outside OVH's price range.
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  14. I've got to agree with @frash23, no one can compete against OVH's pricing.
  15. i asked them to update the RTM but they wouldnt it
  16. These servers are unmanaged. If you don't know how to manage your server, hire someone to do it or buy a server from provider which has support for software-related things.
  17. i know how to manage a linux box and windows box but i was a bit lazy to do that..........