This vs That plugin performance list?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by bradgillap, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. In many cases we have such a wide array of plugins available to us that there maybe 3 or 4 different variations of the same plugin. Which leaves many server admins wondering just what the performance differences are.

    I was thinking about puting together a simple dev testing environment on my local machine and making a big ole tabled list so people could see the performance differences.

    Does this already exist in some shape or form? For example we already know that privleges is hella fast compared to other permissions plugins. Whata's the fastest mapping plugin? What's the fastest backpack plugin? What's the fastest rollback plugin and so on.

    For those of us searching to split kilobytes I think a maintained list would be valuable. It may also promote some healthy competition with bukkit devs to really slim things down and build better functions for their plugins.

    The devil is in the details so what is an appropriate way to scientifically test the performance differences between two similar plugins? I'm looking for any feedback or idea's you may have.

    This comes out of my users requesting MORE MORE all the time and although we are running at a cool 19.6 or 19.7 tps I'm getting nervous about adding more plugins as we approach the big 50 plugins.