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  1. My honest review

    After 1 year on hosting they changed IP of my server which made me little bit mad, because i got much harder IP to remeber and i wasn't prepared to that..thats the reason i lost hundreds of players because of that IP change that i didn't even know about but its not their fault because they announced that they will upgrade their servers and that IP change is required, so its actually my fault cause i didn't saw it, they are really amazing hosting

    i have diamond enterprise for more then a year and my server works perfect
    since 2010 i tried 7-8 different hostings i was always searching for best performance
    and this one for sure gives best performance

    in whole year on hosting there was only 3-4 times issues with server, few times mysql was offline on minute so my server automatically shutdown if cannot connect with mysql (authme feature to prevent stealing accounts)

    i open ticket on discord and they resolve things fast, more skilled people joined in their team so now you can get even faster support which is awesome

    i wish Tim finally find time to upgrade his AntiBotDeluxe plugin, then everything will be perfect

    DDos protection on this hosting is really wonderful, in whole year on this hosting i never had any issues with ddos attacks but i still believe that any server can be shutdown(crashed) with high power of ddos
    it can be more or less protected but never completely, even cloudflare protection can be bypassed
    but this hosting for sure have great ddos protection

    When they upgraded their servers they didn't charge extra for it...i respect that alot!
    They are offering advanced pterodactyl panels which are way better then multicraft
    i definitely recommend this hosting..
    i don't know how their other Ryzen server are working but mine server that use AMD ThreadRipper is working fantastic, server is really powerful and can handle many players
    they are not expensive at all and you can always talk to them and get even better price i love that

    best part is that they don't re-sell servers, which means they are owning their machines
    most other hostings resell shity contabo servers
    i like to have awesome support but for me performance is most important thing

    Support 9/10 (if they contact me to see how things are going, if they ask me if everything is fine like previous hosting did..then i would rate support 10/10, however 9/10 is still pretty high, they have much more servers which means they are pretty busy)
    Server performance 10/10

    i definitely recommend this hosting..Rihan and Tim are great guys, you won't regret purchasing servers from
    i suggest getting Diamond Enterprise

    Conclusion: is Amazing hosting and you should go for it
    If everything continues to be fine i'm planning to stay on hosting for next 10 years
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  2. Sorry for reviving a 49 day post but does anyone who have used them have an honest opinion about them?
  3. aren't terrible. They have decent pricing to performance and their staff are pretty engaged with the community. Haven't hosted with them myself but I would be happy to if I wasn't already with Hetzner.
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  4. Back again. Been testing the US servers for a little over a month now. Much closer to me and my ping has increased greatly. Would definitely recommend either the EU or the US hosting.
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  5. Don't go with, owned by 17/18 year old, The commands (apt.. i cheked that, ten minutes for five packets wth fiber internet..) take days to display on the console, uncommanded disconnection, long reinstallation, random bandwidth, logically in SSD 20 GB I find myself with an HDD of 60 GB with poor performance...

    Over.. the rainbow...

    The founder boasts that his services are superior to those of OVH, for example.
    But it would nevertheless seem that OVH remains leader in the market and clearly above in terms of quality, I have just verified it, having several years experience on Linux and server management. I think I know the field at a minimum.
    Moreover, the company is very recent, probably while waiting for the transition to the majority of the founder (1 year.)
    Although they praise the expertise of servers and the novelty of equipment, it seems that OVH is always in the lead and clearly competitive in terms of server quality. I am on a VPS, the Game 4 precisely, I suspect that I do not have all the power of the machine, which is logical for a VM, but it is difficult for me to know which processor we have, since we are on a virtual machine. Just like the promises of the SSD disk, the processor may not be the right one, at least a low-end processor.

    Concerning the CPU, It was 50% constant with netdata, after a new reinstallation of the machine, no process, absolutely nothing. Little concern of virtualization?

    The Discord support is reactive, but unprofessional to be sincere, we have the impression of talking to friends of the counter, with the respect that goes with it. Not amazing for a service said professional to go through a Discord, yes it allows to discuss in real time, but I prefer a more formal and serious way, tickets for example and very long support as say the majority

    Another thing: When I received my server, I couldn’t even update my Ubuntu packages, yet with the root account and all the permissions!
    I couldn’t do apt upgrade or update, and even CD.
    I had to reinstall completely, yet the machine had just been delivered to me...

    I noticed with amazement on her discord, on the other opinions, tons of positive emojis for the corresponding opinions and a kind of tarp for the negatives. It is absolutely unspeakable.
    And also, they remove too negatives opinions, censuring discord..
    Nevertheless, I must admit that in the rare periods of server stability, with a good internet connection and a mastery of Linux for years, the performances are present. I have to say it.
    But the bandwidth the ping-pong server, the recent appearance of the company (I suppose for the majority of the founder), the HDD disk and a potential instability, I do not recommend this host, at least for the moment.

    Oh and also, like others, my Minecraft server brutally crashed, with no reason. All is fine on other hosting (, OVH and others..)

    Why your so rude with me little server ? WHY ?

    The connection what interrupted brutally, with 1.14.2 version and Paperspigot well-optimized, with absoluty nothing on the server, just Minecraft, good for the players...
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  6. Here are some of the responses to some of your points.
    I'm not sure if this is exaggerated or not, but we do thorough testing of our services often. I personally have my own stuff on VPSs across different nodes that I use daily and have not noticed any issues either.

    Reinstallations have to destroy the current disk and clone a template. The larger the VPS's disk, the longer it'll take. There's not much that can be done to improve this, nor do we see reinstalls happening often at all.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. VPSs get 1TB of useable bandwidth, and more can be purchased. This is mentioned when ordering.

    I personally use my own VPSs across different nodes and have not encountered similar issues, nor have any other clients reported this.

    All of our Game VPS nodes run high-quality solid-state drives which operate in RAID 1 and offer great performance.

    We've been around since March 2018.

    Our new Game VPS nodes run Intel Core i9 9900X's, as mentioned on the product page. We use (KVM) for virtualization. It may show Common KVM Processor in lscpu.

    Do you have a screenshot of htop? I'm not sure how you got the value, as I have just booted up a fresh VM and the CPU usage is tiny. Our images based on cloud images designed for OpenStack.

    If you'd like more professional support, you're more than welcome to use our website for tickets, but support won't be as quick. We choose to be more friendly in our support messages, as one, it's on Discord and the target audience that uses the platform for support expect replies that fit with the platform, so full welcomes and signatures per message doesn't really work. We've had other clients suggest feedback for us to be more friendly and human, so we've taken that on board. We love all of our clients, and we feel like we can talk to them like people, to make our service more convenient for them.

    Is this on our Minecraft baseline or enterprise series?

    At this time, 1.14.x isn't the most stable server version to be using. That's outside of our control. We're looking forward to Paper 1.14.3.
  7. Mr @CodeCo stop protecting them because of they sponsoring you. They are pure shit and i will never change my mind.
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  8. I will try to respond you.
    I’m not the kind of person who puts a negative comment on the fly and then leaves.
    But this will be my last answer, and I don’t want to waste any more time on this.
    Also, your "funny" smiley it's not appropriate. Like your Discord hmm ?

    First point, it's not exagerate. I've posted some screens, i can't do more at this point;
    Secondo, the disk size is usually of 20 GB, why 60 HDD ? And for a VM, it takes a lot of time, i know that.

    For the bandwith, i mean network of the server, not the quota of bandwith (Who is pretty good for sure.)
    I've been from France and, (with screenshots on the fact), i'm regulary disconnected, it’s not because nobody’s pointing it out that everything is perfect. I’m telling you what happens to me

    "All of our Game VPS nodes run high-quality solid-state drives which operate in RAID 1 and offer great performance."

    "We've been around since March 2018."
    Which is what I’m confirming.

    "Our new Game VPS nodes run Intel Core i9 9900X's, as mentioned on the product page. We use (KVM) for virtualization. It may show Common KVM Processor in lscpu."
    What is it really? In fact? It is actually indicated this processor on the command page, just like the SSD disk. And, given the siloed environment of KVM virtualization, it is impossible to be sure.

    "Do you have a screenshot of htop? I'm not sure how you got the value, as I have just booted up a fresh VM and the CPU usage is tiny. Our images based on cloud images designed for OpenStack."

    With Netdata Monitoring, i send you in minutes an screenshot no problem, actually i can't connect to my VPS (screen last)

    "Is this on our Minecraft baseline or enterprise series?"

    "At this time, 1.14.x isn't the most stable server version to be using. That's outside of our control. We're looking forward to Paper 1.14.3."
    At this point, i agree with you. 1.14 is a purge for performances, unfortunatly...
  9. Actually, he is staff member. Not sponsoring i think.
  10. Whatever he is i dont care.
  11. Proof :
    There is a discordance between htop/top and values
    (Also packets)

    I have only installed Netdata monitoring webpage and transmission has failed (Screenshot)
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  12. You just proved yourself that you are not able to have a formal discussion. You accused of us not having any kind of DDoS protection which is just a straight lie. But sure, you can think about us whatever you want, that is your right. But please don't spread false information.

    What do you mean by that? We don't use HDD's so where do you get that from?

    Here you are accusing us of lying to our customers again, but what would be the point? Why would we advertise a 9900X and SSD's without using them?

    If you want to look into the issue you can contact us and we will further investigate.

    I'll just leave that uncommented.
  13. Be a bit more constructive, objective and less immature when reviewing a service. If you dislike something, that's fine but at least give constructive feedback like @AlexRRo did since such reply doesn't help anyone.
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  15. The same way the CPU is masked by virtualization, the same happens with disks. You won't also see RAID inside your VPS. The virtualization host systems are running the SSDs in RAID.

    We simply just don't bother emulating an SSD when the VM works fine thinking it's on a normal HDD, and due to us not testing SSD emulation yet as much as we would like to yet.
  16. Its not a lie. I have also proof. When i was playing on RevengeForce's server when were the host, we were getting ddosd. Another proof is that RevengeForce self tested it after these attacks and it was the same. So you dont lie and spread false information please.

    Another thing which is not about ddos is the client-server connection. In RevengeForce's server, we never had ping which is under 100! According to my plugins' metrics (RevengeForce uses one of my public plugins which has metrics) the server was hosted in Germany. The players playing on his server are from Bulgaria and internet from there internet providers.

    Another thing is that your support is shit. When he rejected you for the 2nd (and probably last) time yeah you returned him's money, but didn't left time for him to backup it! So you totally deleted the server files, which forced him to backup the server with 5+ days.

    What we have for now? No DDoS protection, bad connection and shit support. If isnt that enough to change your host from to other or NEVER go to hosting from, come in Bulgaria and kill me please.

    EDIT: @AlexRRo and @RevengeForce lets expose for another time.
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  17. You were getting bot attacked, not DDoS attacked. This is a completely different thing and impossible to block on the network / transport layer. We've shown screenshots of the Voxility panel, but we can also prove it in a way that you can do yourself too, by running a traceroute.
    Our baseline services use Combahton:
    Code (Text):
    [email protected]:~$ traceroute
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1  gateway (  0.579 ms  0.571 ms  0.552 ms
    2 (  1.013 ms  1.012 ms  0.990 ms
    3  * * *
    4 (  0.947 ms (  0.920 ms (  0.915 ms
    5 (  0.907 ms (  0.898 ms (  1.001 ms
    6 (  0.993 ms (  0.846 ms (  0.832 ms
    7 (  11.496 ms  12.373 ms (  12.383 ms
    8 (  14.715 ms (  12.357 ms  12.340 ms
    9 (  19.087 ms  17.010 ms  16.398 ms
    10  * * *
    11  * * *
    12 (  20.603 ms  16.516 ms  18.120 ms
    13 (  19.884 ms  19.385 ms
    As you can see, it goes through combahton on the 12th stage.

    On other services, we use a combination of Voxility and Combahton. I'll show this through running a traceroute to our enterprise node:
    Code (Text):
    [email protected]:~$ traceroute
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1  gateway (  0.301 ms  0.164 ms  0.189 ms
    2 (  0.614 ms  1.451 ms  1.312 ms
    3  * * *
    4 (  1.215 ms (  1.219 ms  1.255 ms
    5 (  1.196 ms (  1.233 ms (  1.225 ms
    6 (  1.202 ms  0.852 ms (  0.740 ms
    7 (  0.912 ms (  7.274 ms (  0.889 ms
    8 (  13.430 ms (  13.231 ms  13.285 ms
    9 (  13.864 ms  17.010 ms  13.833 ms
    10 (  25.100 ms  21.527 ms (  19.319 ms
    11 (  25.974 ms (  21.340 ms  21.247 ms
    12 (  23.838 ms  28.206 ms  28.169 ms
    13 (  40.287 ms  21.347 ms  21.332 ms
    14 (  25.282 ms  27.540 ms  27.415 ms
    15 (  21.406 ms  21.424 ms  25.343 ms
    16 (  19.193 ms  20.358 ms  19.194 ms
    On stage 10, we go through Voxility, and on stage 14 we go through Combahton.

    You can run these exact same tests yourself, so you really can't call bullshit on this.

    I get 20ms from London. I'd like to see a traceroute to see if it's on your ISP's side.

    We keep server files for 14 days after suspension, however, in the case you request a refund, we instantly delete the files because that's what you've asked for - you're asking for us to terminate your server instantly and give you back your money. Why would we give you back the money and then just let you keep using the server, when someone else could be? You should've backed your files up before asking for the server to be terminated.

    A blatant lie, as evidenced above.

    Traceroute please

    What you described isn't really a support issue. We followed your instructions exactly as you gave them - we gave back your money and then terminated your server.
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  18. I haven't talked to anyone so contradictory in a long time.

    I think the question of who is immature now clarifies itself.
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  19. Then mister smart, can you explain me why i wasn't seeing bots on the tab list nor the spawn? It was pure ddos, not a bot attack.

    London is more near to Germany than Plovdiv. See the map :). Also when we switched the host, we never had ping bigger than 60!
  20. [​IMG]
    You can run these packets then just drop off at the very last moment. Cancel at any of the steps and you've inflicted a tiny bit of workload on the server. Now run these hundreds of times a millisecond, if not thousands or more. It'll quickly add up to a whole load of bots. This is about the same as a SYN flood, except it's the Minecraft protocol.
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