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  1. Been hearing a lot of negative on GGservers. Is there a reason why everyone hates them?
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  2. It's the most stupid host I've ever had. A 1GB server couldn't handle one player and one Plugin.
  3. My friend got a server from them just because it was cheap and the server wouldn't even start.
  4. Welcome to my top 10 reasons on why GGServers is bad! Hope you enjoy the text video (Use your imagination)
    1. It's GGServers
    2. It's GGServers
    3. It's GGServers
    4. It's GGServers
    5. It's GGServers
    6. It's GGServers
    7. It's GGServers
    8. It's GGServers
    9. It's GGServers
    10. It's GGServers

    Thanks for watching the video! If you liked the video make sure to drop a like and maybe even subscribe! Until next time, I am out.
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    Used to use them, panel got hacked. Emailed multicraft, they said reinstall the panel. Showed GGServers the email. Response: Change your password. Changed host within an hour.

    Friend got a server from them with unlimited slots, they refused to give him the feature even though he'd paid extra for it. He closed his server after the first month.

    Also, all their stuff is hacked and available for download
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  6. They have horrible hosting, I had to switch to 8 different panels when I used them. Their support takes AGES to respond and they are no help. I ended up giving up and switching to Intreppid.
  7. They're a host known for basically screwing over their clients in any way possible. They're continuously hacked, they oversell by 33% at a minimum, their support is slow, shall I even continue?
  8. We should report them xD
  9. To who?
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I bet they get so many paypal claims :O Probably like 20 a day lol xD
  12. Oh yeah, just remembered, they also sent an invoice for the price of the server after we'd canceled it. Auto payment was set up and they refused to refund it. Loss of 15 bucks
  13. LMAO GgServers are the worst tbh pick a different host instead of them.
  14. Did you open dispute at PayPal? If you didn't and 180 days haven't passed, do it. It's not too late.
  15. Likely sells better service and servers then the original.
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