Thread Continues to get Deleted... Whats wrong with it?

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  1. So I made an offering builders thread, and it got deleted by moderators. I'm not sure what is wrong with it so i am going to paste it here and you can tell me what is wrong with it so I can post it without getting deleted.

    Description -

    Hello! My name is Swiftie, and I am here to provide well made, quality builds for your server! I have built for almost 3 years, and I range in style, having built organics, medieval, fantasy, and much more. I can do what is asked and fast.

    Pricing -

    I can make hubs, pvp maps, prison mines, spawns, waiting lobbies, skywars maps, and much more! Pricing can range from 50 - 1000 USD depending on what you are needing. All payments are sent in down payments and through PayPal.
    ( list of prices )

    How to Contact -

    You can contact me through skype or email.

    Skype - ipvdPlays

    Gmail - [email protected]

    Speed of the Production of the Build -

    Speed varies depending on what you ask, but I dedicate my time to get it done as quickly as possible and to the standards that is needed.

    Terms and Conditions

    There will be no unapproved refunds, no chargebacks. If the commissioned build is sold by the buyer then there will be a public download posted. Do not take credit for the commissioned build.

    Payment Process -

    You will send 50% of the payment before the project is started. There can be a refund ONLY if the build has NOT started yet. After this, I will continue sending screenshots of the build so that you can critique it and tell me any changes that needs to be done. One the build is complete, you will send the second half of the payment and I will send the schematic or world save upon request.

    Other Projects -

    You can see my personal projects at -

    Renders and Pictures -
    ( pictures go here )
  2. Ok, I figured out the problem. Thanks