Three players won't die

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  1. I have a spigot server, where three players suddently got infinite health. They can take damage, but they won't die. They does not lose any hearts when they get hit. They die if I do /kill, but thats it. Tried giving them milk to see if there are any effect that cause it, and tried giving them effect hunger, and making them eat something, but doesn't work eighter. Gone through Essentials files, and looked at godmode, and it says false on all of them. Also tried to reset mcMMO on them, and wiping all playerdata on one of them, and didn't work eighter. Tried to kill them in wilderness, and the same issue there. Any suggestions?

    Here is all my plugins :

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  2. Delete there data files inside world files aka players data
  3. Omg, ur the best, i litatry tried to solve this problem in 4 weeks, thxx<3
  4. But the real solution is in the question...
    Why did these players get in to that state?
  5. you know some plugin developers does weird stuff in there code and publish them into spigot + or somehow the data was touched by someone