Spigot Throwing Knives [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Throwable knives in Minecraft!

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    Throwing Knifes - Throwable swords in Minecraft!

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  2. this is like iSach's plugin ThrowingWeapons/you can do this in that plugin as well/also can you add support for 1.8?
  3. Sorry, but this plugin has been taken to mcbbs already. 對不起,不行,這個插件已經被別人帶到mcbbs了.
  4. Can you add Lore to the configuration?:)
  5. smmmadden


    Is this only a 1.11 plugin, or does this working for 1.12? The Overview only shows 1.11 which is why I'm asking. :) BTW, the plural name for knife is knives
  6. There shouldn't be a problem when using with 1.12, just tested.
    It seems that you have added my plugin to the list, thank you!
    Can you have a look at these too? However they are not 1.11.2 tested yet.
    Shulker box plus - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shulker-box-plus-1-8-1-11-active.38604/
    Portable chest - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/portable-chest-1-8-1-11-active.35422/
    Server info - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/server-info-1-8-1-11-active.34441/

    Cube Generator - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/cube-generator.42813
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    API update.

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  8. Why does my weapon double if it is on hance_remain: 1? And if I do not, you've lost your weapon ... Help!
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  9. For the situation where you lost your weapon, it's normal as the chance defines what chance you keep your weapon after throwing it out.
    For your weapon doubling, it's because you set it to 1.0 i.e. 100% to not consume the knife when thrown out.
  10. But i want to re use the weapon, but nout doubling.
  11. I will consider to add support for it, currently setting chance to 0 keeps your weapon when it hits blocks or doesn't hit anything.. but it disappears when you hit an entity.
  12. Okay thanks!