Spigot Throwing Knives [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Throwable knives in Minecraft!

  1. Hello, why when kidaesh sword he dyupaetsya, and so endlessly you can make swords (this is the same bug, glitch, dope, it's very bad ....
  2. For now set chance remain for knife to 0.
  3. What? did not understand .. why swords dyupayutsya this can be corrected as something ?? I need him not to stay on the ground after the players threw him ...
  4. I can not change anything in the data.yml file after the reboot, everything returns, why?
  5. Please use the /tk reload command or edit the config while your server is offline.
  6. Can you make the knives stackable so our inventories don't get filled with them so fast?
  7. A nice plugin .. but it does not seem to support the worldguard regions ... and when someone throws a sword it happens is the amount of remnants of the sword scattered so as to cause Lag.
  8. A very nice plugin.
    My proposition:
    It would be nice to set Data.yhm stacking these swords.