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Crash Ticking World Entities Exception

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by kbryant24, May 11, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    Normally I would perform my due diligence and try to troubleshoot the issue, but I've spent countless hours trying to figure this out and I am completely baffled. For about 2 weeks now my server has been crashing at a rate of about once per day. The exact same exception is being reported every time. My crash report: http://pastebin.com/Edt0YUma

    I am currently using build Spigot-844 (1.5.2). Any insight you may have to help fix this would be truly appreciated!

    EDIT: I have already tried the standard procedure of swapping plugins in and out (especially ones that deal with removing entities), but unfortunately this hasn't produced any progress.
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  2. And to add on, once the server crashes, the auto-restart script kicks in. While it's disabling plugins, this comes up:

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  3. Bump, anybody have even a guess?
  4. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Looking at your second error log, it seems like you are running an outdated version of MobArena (Log mentions and a quick look at their BukkitDev page says the only version supporting 1.5.2 currently is Have you tried updating the plugin?

    PVPArena also does not seem to have an update to 1.5.2

    DisguiseCraft may also be having issues as ProtocolLib ( A dependency ) hasn't been updated for MC 1.5.2.
    1. ProtocolLib and DisguiseCraft doesn't deal with Entity removal at all whatsoever, which is exactly what the stacktrace is indicating at.
    2. I work constantly with the PVPArena author and use his most up-to-date development builds. Following his commits on his Jenkins, none of them indicate anything that would even remotely introduce any issues with entities.
    3. I am extremely confident Mob Arena isn't the problem. The last couple updates have absolutely nothing to do with entity removing. Furthermore, the trace has absolutely nothing that points to Mob Arena as being the/an issue.
    The problem has something to do with the ArrayList.remove on entities. I've already investigated every plugin I could think of (which is not many) that iterates over entities and removes them... And yet this crash is still happening.
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    Yes. a player has gone OUT OF THE MAP. Ban the last player who joined, reset his player data, and then unban him. If it is a recurring problem, you will have to reset all player data.
  6. Could you educate me on what in the stack trace indicated a player has gone out of the map? And I'm assuming you mean on the Y-axis? They couldn't have gone past the X or Z axis as I'm using WorldBorder. I just performed a huge iterative search of all player locations and none of them have any abnormal Y-axis.
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    I have had this error before. The way i am describing fixed it.

    It also could be a player in a corrupted chunk.

    Also, i know you do not code, but that is what an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is. It is out of the Array of blocks. Hard to explain, but pretty much if an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException has occoured, it means the player is out of the map (they could also be in a corrupted or misplaced chunk!)
  8. Actually, I code very heavily, by trade. A non-programmer would not have been able to describe and understand the symptoms I've communicated. The ArrayList it is referring to is an array of all the entities in the current world, not an array of "blocks." I am pretty sure such an array that held blocks would be significantly larger than the ~500 range.

    But with that said, I will investigate your described fix since you've had this exact problem before. I am still somewhat unconvinced that this is a "corrupted chunk" issue though. In the mean time, is there anything I can do about "corrupted chunks"?
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    Ok ;)

    And yes, i know it is entities, but it is awlays a player.

    And agh...... *searches for then name of that corrupt chunk cleaner he has*
  10. While I wait for you to find the name of the corrupted chunk cleaner, could you describe the symptoms of a "corrupted chunk"? Like, is the entire chunk missing?
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    Pretty much; if you come across a corrupted chunk, the server will crash, because the main thread will freeze while trying to load a chunk that cannot be loaded.

    Minecraft region fixer. I can confirm it works, it has cleared many corrupted chunks, as well as has features like being able to remove chunks with massive amounts of mobs in them.
  12. Use the Minecraft region fixer with delete entities option.
  13. Thank you! This looks to be the most probable explanation that makes sense.

    And sorry FurmigaHumana for blaming your plugin ;) The stack traces in the other crash reports just kept showing it :p
  14. Dont worry, glad I could help :) hope it'll fix the problem.
  15. Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. Crashed again, same symptoms. Here is the new log file even after updating PVP Arena and performing the region checking:


    Anybody have any other ideas?
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