Universal TigerReports 4.12.10

Plugin to manage reports / Plugin de gestion de signalements.

  1. hey, in the newest Version after an period of time [idk how long] i cant use the command reports. it shows in console that i typed it but the GUi does not open, and in the console the plugin shows no errors.Only /reports and all other alias commands like user. Other commands from the plugin are working. When i restart the server u can use the command again.
  2. It's strange, last time it occure could you try to disconnect and connect again ? And command /report did work ? Command /reports #number too ?
  3. In th emoment its working, its strange. I will come back to you if it happens again, and i will try your instructions. Thanks
  4. ok, now its happening again. People with the right permission and ops can not execute the command even after a rejoin. Only a reload and server restart are helping.
  5. But all commands or only menus/GUI ? And what type of reload, /reports reload or /reload of spigot ?
    Also, could you test to just type /reports user <offline player name that has joined the server before> and check if plugin works after that ?
  6. only all commands that begibn with /reports
    /plugman reload Tigerreports
    or an restart
    And ok i will test it soon when it happens again
  7. No test when the plugin is ok.
  8. oh ok, that command is working when the olugin is ok.
  9. I really don't see why you get this problem. Could I see server logs when it occure ? And reports.yml and data.yml files too please ?
  10. befor i do something i will try to download the plugin again and delete all report data. When it hapains again after that i will send u all i can ^^
  11. it is still there. It is so strange :D There are no errors or something so i do not send u files, because it is nothing to see there. I will downgrade to the previous version at the moment, that worled fine for me.
  12. Version 2.3 works but not 2.4 ?
  13. jeah, 2.3 works fine.
  14. MrTigreroux updated TigerReports with a new update entry:

    Version 2.5

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  15. Very delicious plugin,I love it.:p
  16. Hi,

    i only get this plugin to French... okay French is a nice language :D But i Need this plugin in to english or completly to german. So it would be nice when any one tell me what i have Forget in my Setup:

    - replace contend of message.yml with english
    - Change " HelpLanguage:" from French to English

    - restart Server two times -> no effect

    Server: 1.11
    API version 1.11-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
  17. Thank you very much, you can review it if you want: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/tigerreports.25773/reviews

    I don't know if you missed it in your comment but the file of messages is called messages.yml and not "message.yml".
    Also, don't forget to save the file when edited and then type /reports reload.
    If it doesn't works, let me informed. :)
  18. Please add a feature that the players can not only report other player but also can report bugs and suggestions.
    such as a command: /reportop or /reportbug or and a button in the report GUI.:p:p:p:p:)
    and...i think to add a new feature that also a command like /reportsee <reportID> to enter a exist report GUI to vote support or nonsupport this report, so the report players can find witness to support his report and give detailed descriptions,and the admins also can discern between right and wrong report .
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  19. I'm sorry but TigerReports is a plugin to report abuses of players and only that. If you want a system of bugs and suggestions, you can use it like reporting a player "bug"/"suggestion" but that's you that manage it, not the plugin with a specific type of report.
    Also, menu of report is restricted to the staff because for me, each report must be processed by staff and stay private, the opinion of others players wouldn't be introduced. If players want to add detailed descriptions, they can report the player again but I recommend you to create a forum if players need as much space to describe abuses of a player.