Universal TigerReports 4.12.10

Plugin to manage reports / Plugin de gestion de signalements.

  1. It doesn't come from TigerReports. When I type /help, i just have the spigot command unknown message:

    Try to disable TigerReports with PlugMan or moving the jar before launching your server to see it yourself. Your problem doesn't seem to have any link with TigerReports.
  2. That /help you did is not spigot..... Thats tiger reports....
  3. You try disabling tiger report and do /help....
  4. No, I typed /help tigerreports, then it has shown the help message. Next I typed only /help and it shown the spigot unknown command message that I've configured in config.
    But as I said it, try yourself to disable TigerReports and see that you will keep to have your problem, it doesn't come from my plugin.
  5. I did disabled it and it worked like normal.... I enabled it and it does that....
  6. So I'm waiting the same screen that I shown you...
  7. send gif of you executing the command
  8. I can conclude that you don't have the problem anymore ?
  9. I changed /help to do /ehelp... now it works... But when i disable that i get the error..

  10. and when i do /essentials i get an error...

  11. Oh ok I think I know why there is this problem, I fix it in the next version. Thanks for reporting it. :)
  12. where you have made your avatar picture?
  13. Can add a 1.7.10 support? We a lot 1.7.10 mod servers need this Great plugin:p.
  14. I didn't tested but what isn't functionning ?
  15. I saw you @MrTigreroux responded to a review asking for MySQL/Bungee integration. You said you were looking into the best way to do that. Is that still going on? I would very much like MySQL/Bungee integration.
  16. Yes I'm still trying to do it but I currently have lot of work and therefore small time to implement it. But it will be done as soon as possible. :)
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  17. is this plugin for 1.11?
  18. I don't know, try and give me errors if they happens please.