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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by dxdy, May 27, 2015.

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    I agree that off-topic discussion seems to have been popping up in these threads, but when it's reported, I generally always clean it up. I'm pretty sure @Dmck2b also does this as well already. If you just report it whenever you see it happen, a staff member will promptly clean it up as necessary.
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    Due to reasons outside of my control, I have not been able to actively moderate the section outside of new threads and reports in recent weeks, however I feel most of the points you bring up can fall under our existing rules / can easily be amended for.

    I honestly don't see why this happens and see no loss in disallowing it. Either you've contacted them (then they're likely aware, a post is more likely to give them less notice) or you're going around spamming multiple threads in hopes someone bites. We require all threads have a method of contact outside of their thread for a reason.

    Could fall under our constructive criticism rules, as you said it only needs to be said once, a snowball will get your attention, an avalanche is not needed.

    Seems more suited to be in private discourse either way, unless it's offering the user a publicly available fix for their issue.

    As jflory mentioned above, if you feel something might be out of place in the section, feel free to report and in all likely hood it'll likely get get cleaned up. If you have any further suggested amendments, I'm likely going to be combing through things for suggested changes after my exams are over.

    (I may or may not have been doing English essays for most of today. Sorry for the abstract stuff.)
  4. Sorry for the offtopic. Good luck next Wednesday, really banking on Frost or NĂ­ Chuilleanain (can't spell her name right for my life) to come up. Then there's project maths which is going to be messy to say the least... Hopefully you're good at Irish as well and didn't have to take an eighth subject.

    Again good luck and hope you get your no1 choice on the CAO.
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