Tile Entities - Major TPS Loss

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  1. In summary, the lag comes when a large amount of "tiles" are loaded. ClearLagg, /remove all, stoplag, etc, etc... has no effect as it seems they are not "entities" of that nature. Everytime I see a drastic drop in performance the tiles count from essentials /lag is very high in this one world.

    I have even ran region-scan/fixer with removal of ALL entities from the world and it has no effect. Tile entities are not in the same class I guess.

    Has anyone seen this and know of a resolution? Suggestions?

    12:00:23 [INFO] CONSOLE issued server command: /lag
    12:00:23 [INFO] Uptime: 11 hours 41 minutes 16 seconds
    12:00:23 [INFO] Current TPS = 3.142
    12:00:23 [INFO] Maximum memory: 18,204 MB.
    12:00:23 [INFO] Allocated memory: 13,850 MB.
    12:00:23 [INFO] Free memory: 8,554 MB.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "creative": 836 chunks, 7 entities, 110 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "cplotslarge": 1,123 chunks, 29 entities, 889 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "cplots": 2,118 chunks, 112 entities, 3,732 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "hub_spawn": 369 chunks, 2 entities, 33 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "flatland": 256 chunks, 0 entities, 0 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "cplotslarge_1": 881 chunks, 4 entities, 222 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "cplots_1": 6,260 chunks, 766 entities, 22,216 tiles.
    12:00:23 [INFO] World "nodex_spawn": 256 chunks, 17 entities, 553 tiles.

    I have never seen anything like it.

  2. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    It's highly likely that it is hoppers. Check your spigot.yml and increase the ticks-per for hoppers.

    If you want to definitely know what it is, run WarmRoast and follow the CPU.
  3. joehot200


    Timings report please, so we can see what entity it is :)
  4. Is there any tools to scan a world and remove a specified block ID? There have been a few scenarios where that would of been very very useful! My issue now is if it was Hoppers, how do I locate them in the massive k(*&$(*&% world. lol

    I will get timings next time it happens; I have yet to do that.

    Thanks for the response; I have adjusted my hopper settings for next restart - I hope it happens again so I can get timing.
  5. Dmck2b

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    MCEdit's replace tool would probably be very handy for you.
  6. joehot200


    Is MCEdit the same thing as WorldEdit? Whats the difference?