Spigot Timber! The Timber Mod In a plugin! [Skript] 0.1

The amazing Timber mod in vanilla Minecraft!

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  1. How do you code Skript?
  2. Easiest code in my opinion! Just google some tutorials! I will soon make a post of a tutorial :D
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  3. Can you PLEASE Pm me a link to how to a video of how to code it <3
  4. Sure!
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  5. You are a very kind person if i learn how to code it i would be soooo happy i was giving up on coding Java then you came along :D :d :D $10 donation comming your way <3
  6. hahha Thank you! But no need for the money! Some of the tutorials may be hard, but I will post a SUPER easy tutorial tommorow, so keep checking!
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  7. Proffesor one question what program do you use to code this in?
  8. The program I code in is only as simple as notepad ++! You could use any text editing software, as long as you save the file as .sk