Time Is Money

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  1. So i have the plugin Time Is Money And i keep confuguring it
    But it doesnt give me money when i go to collect it
    Yes i checked and reseted the plugin But it still doesnt give me money!
    Heres the reseted config
    CASH_MACHINE_CREATED: Cash Machine Created.
    CASH_MACHINE_DESTROYED: Cash Machine Destroyed.
    GET_MONEY: <-Get money->
    HAS_BEEN_ADDED_TO_YOUR_ACCOUNT: has been added to your account!
    MAX_AMOUNT_PER_DAY_REACHED: Max Amount per day reached...
    THANK_YOU: Thank you!
    NEW_SOLD: 'New sold : '
    HI: 'Hi '
    TIME_SPENT: 'Time spent : '
    MINUTE: ' min.'
    CONNECTION_TIME: 'Connection time : '
    AFK_SECONDS_IGNORED: ' seconds of AFK ignored.'
    CONFIGURATION_RELOADED: Timeismoney Configuration Reloaded..
  2. MiniDigger


    you should ask the author for help.
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  3. Do you have vault and an economy plugin?
  4. Yeah i have essentialsx and vault asswell
  5. What version is your server?
  6. 1.13. I had it in 1.12 but it still didnt work
  7. As miniDigger said, you should probably contact the dev then. I have seen many servers use this plugin with no issues.