Time slot for a plugin enable & disable??

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  1. Hello kind and helpful spigot community!

    I've recently bought the lucky blocks plugin from @TubeCraftXXL and I've noticed it's got really OP things, it ruins the separate world I have set up for it too.

    I'm thinking of a time slot system, so the players would have a 5-10 min slot to grab and go with a 30-45 min gap for the world to regenerate for the next slot, does anybody think this is possible at all? Would a scheduled task on multicraft be able to do a plugman command to enable and disable the plugin at certain times.

    If a plugin is needed I'll be happy to pay about $35 - $50 and if a simple scheduled task to be set up by a dev I am happy to pay to around $10-$25.

    My Skype is chillysauce5 or you can send a pm.

    Thanks :)

    Edit: gonna tag @EvenSafe789 since he's owner of the network in general.
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  2. Bump, I need this sorted :/