Time to Switch Hosts: What To Go With?

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  1. I am basically looking for a cheap but extremely good host. Not Hetzner cheap, I have a large amount of money ($4,000) a month in donations. I want a server host that can host a a good amount of servers (Like five 2gb servers).

    Currently, I am looking and Incero and Secured Servers. What I really want to know is what server to go with. I have pretty much decided on an E3-1270v2 with raid1 64gb Samsung 830s and 32GB of RAM.

    1270 cost: $230/10TB.

    Will this server be able to support 300+ players over 2 different minecraft sub-servers? This pricing is from Secured Servers, but I am also looking at Incero.

    My current host is Simpleno.de. They are great, but I own two 1230's from them (Extremely cheap, I got mine for $125 a server). I really don't need two separate boxes for my servers as my custom code eliminates high cpu/ram usage. Now that both my servers are optimized, I want to move to one host, especially for my Hunger Games code (12 worlds, HIGH ram usage). Current servers both have 16GB of ram.

    Also, with this many players (300+) will I need more than 10TB bandwidth?

    Additionally, would there be a major performance drop between Centos 64 bit (6.3) and Windows Server 2008 (R2)? I can work with Centos easily and I would probably go ahead with installing SpaceBukkit on it anyways and using ftp/putty, but I am definitely more comfortable with Windows :)
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  2. I would personally just colocate a server.
  3. How are you earning so much! :eek:
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  4. Magic? I custom code my plugins with Skript lol, I am an amateur. It is my ideas that are extremely profitable and how they are executed.
  5. nice work! What kinda things do you run? Got any tips for a new server trying to get players?
  6. Literally, the greatest advice:
    1. Make sure performance is sound. This is soooo important. Put the money in for a dedicated.
    2. Don't be generic. Everyone has seen factions/normalpvp/etc. Code something unique or make some unique thing that drives players on. My server uses a flexible custom coded rank system which keeps players playing.

    My site is minecustoms.com.
  7. Thanks. My problem is i don't seem to be able to get the players in the first place, I've had less unique visitors in total than some servers have online at a time, despite advertising on most lists, and reddit/pmc.

    Anyway, I don't want to derail the topic. For the money you're earning you could skip the middle man and rent a 40U rack, then kit it out with your own hardware and keep expanding!
  8. I dont have that kind of money, i get like 160 euro / month in donations :) .. with that i ordered a server yesterday from EQServers.com. They resell servers from OVH in europe and SingleHop in the US.

    Sweden is one of the countries that are not allowed to place orders directly with OVH, so i was glad i found eqservers...

    1245v2 / 32GB / 2x120 @ 100Mbps unmetered running Ubuntu LTS 12.04 .. price tag = 113USD (~€85) / month (https://www.eqservers.com/74.php)

    Not the same league as you Zeraceee :p .. i try to run a 100 slot general purpose server which im hoping i will be able to with the new server :)
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    Zeraceee I will slap you silly if you buy from Incero! I just got away from them. They really blow hardcore. They will dick you over big time.
  10. You don't like em? A lot of people are satisfied with them right now. I am gunna stay with my host. But right now I am getting hacked somehow.
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    If you ever decide to cancel you mist inform them about 2 or 3 weeks in advance. When you do cancel they shut your server down the second they see your ticket. They don't refund you for the rest of your time. They get nasty with you in tickets, and they are terrible when it comes to network maintenance. They do not care about their customers.
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    Ironically, one of the biggest Minecraft Servers uses them.

    Secured Servers, if anything, are the best people you could work with. Cheap prices, good network, best deals really. And their support is top-notch. I have them and I can tell you they're awesome to work with. They have helped resolve many of my issues. I've been with them for almost 2 years.

    The only issue I'd say is latency (for me, I get 100ms to my server). I'd test one of their test server IPs on the site first though. If you get a decent ping, and/or connection with them, you should definitely go with them.

    Other than that, they do have a new datacenter in Auburn, VA coming out soon.
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    I am now using limestonenetworks and hetzner for my servers, the support from limestone is best I have had, hetzner you can tell english is a second language. also picked limestone because they were the only one I saw with E3 1290 V2 processor, most other people I looked up had only 1270
  14. agreed. just switched to limestone for the 1290v2 and their support responds lightning fast and is helpful. network seems ok, haven't been with them long enough to get a good feel for reliability and peak times though (only a month)
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    Who is it? I WILL SLAP THEM! >_>
    Let me know how that plays out. I may switch to them eventually. :)
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    Use iweb.com. They may be a bit pricy, but you get the best customer support there is. You can be up at 4am EST and it will take 5 seconds for you to get an operator who will site with you for hours on end to fix any problems you have.
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  18. I personally recommend secured-servers, they offer cheap servers reasonably good support. Although you could debate that their network is up to scratch they do surprisingly well for game servers especially mc. Also if you do decide to go with them make sure to contact their live chat about it, I'm sure they will offer you a cheaper price.

    Good luck,
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    Their prices for a server are cheap enough, you don't need to contact them regarding it.
  20. Why would you not want to get it for even cheaper when you have the option to? That is probably the most illogical response I have ever heard. Its not like dedicated servers are cheap things in the first place so why not save money? Also just to note in SecuredServers does offer very good DDoS protection and I have seen them filter attacks of 2GBPS and upwards.