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  1. Is it possible to create a Plugin that makes everyone around you slow down? one where you move at a different frequency than them, so it looks like they are moving slowly to you, but, looks like they are moving normally to themselves?
    You would be a Blur to them, yet they would be moving "Normally". To you they are Slow, To them you are Fast, as in, not visible when moving because you perceive that they arent moving, and your moving at a "Normal" Speed. essentially makes it look like your game froze and you are lagging, but works entirely different.
  2. This is in the wrong section. Should be in Spigot plugin development.

    Would this idea badly mess with everyone's timings, you need to think of a away to fix the fact that say everything is 5x slower, every second the player is now 5 seconds behind everyone else.
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  3. I can see it happening on the Minecraft client not server side.